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  • The American Mathematical Society's MathSciNet database is an essential resource for mathematicians. Most notably, MathSciNet contains reviews of the mathematics literature and is renowned for its highly accurate content. The Mathematical Reviews staff coordinate the publication reviews written by mathematicians, ensure that the publications covered by MathSciNet are within scope, and catalog the publications using the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) scheme. The staff also scrupulously maintain author and journal information. This high-touch approach, a rarity in current times, facilitates the creation of meticulous author and journal profiles, the appropriate classification of publications, and quality citation tools.

    MathSciNet also offers several free tools, like the ability to view collaboration graphs (co-author networks), search the MSC scheme, and identify an author's Erdös number, which is similar to an actor's Bacon number within the six degrees of separation framework. The total number of active reviewers as of May 2019[1] was 22,652. As of June 2019[2], MathSciNet contained over 3,679,667 publications, 14,921,210 matched citations, 416,378 authors cited, and 3,519 cited journals. A subset of Mathematical Reviews data can be searched through the EBSCOhost platform, and a comparative analysis of the American Mathematical Society and EBSCO platforms, co-authored by University of Pennsylvania, California State University East Bay, and Princeton University librarians, was published in May 2019.


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