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Mathematics collection

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Current developments in both pure and applied mathematics to support the increasing interdisciplinary nature of mathematics.

Collection description

Because of its broad significance to scholarship and prominence in Penn’s curriculum, mathematics materials are found in a number of locations, notably the Math-Physics-Astronomy Library, the Van Pelt Library, and the Lippincott Library. Due to space limitations, a significant number of older mathematics journals and monographs, many of which are available online, are now located in LIBRA. LIBRA offers article and chapter scanning services and book and journal delivery to campus libraries.

Areas of concentration include algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, algebraic number theory, combinatorics and algorithms, logic and programming semantics, representation theory, Riemannian geometry, several complex variables, string theory, and mathematical physics.

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Doing research

Please visit the Math-Physics-Astronomy Library site for a comprehensive starting point for your research.


Selected special collections and collections of note: