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Thanks to the generous support of generations of alumni, parents, and friends, the Penn Libraries continues to excel in the advancement of scholarly inquiry and in providing perpetual access to the record of knowledge. The Penn Libraries celebrate each and every donor; your collective support makes us strong and better able to address the growing demands of our community.

Special recognition is given here to the individuals, classes and institutions who have made leadership commitments.

Supporters of top talent:  

Our top talent act as leaders, guiding the evolution of libraries to best suit the needs and capabilities of our time. They strategically apply their creativity and knowledge to push the boundaries of what has been done before and ensure continuous progress for the benefit of all the students, researchers, and faculty who rely on the Penn Libraries.

Supporters of learning spaces:  

Students and scholars at Penn require beautiful, strategically-designed spaces that facilitate the kind of profound studying that drives discovery. Your philanthropy has a significant impact on the Penn Libraries’ ability to respond to this need by supporting safe and inspiring spaces for learning across disciplines.

Supporters of information resources:  

The availability of information resources in all subjects and all formats is growing exponentially. At the same time, our community’s needs for new resources is constantly evolving. Your philanthropy not only allows the Penn Libraries to continue meeting and exceeding our users’ expectations, but it also benefits the University as a whole by advancing new scholarship.

Supporters of novel programs & outreach:  

Programs and services at the Penn Libraries underpin the environment of scholarly exploration into new academic frontiers that students and researchers rely on. Building on new discovery platforms, resource, sharing partnerships, and more will enhance how the Penn Libraries support scholarly inquiry.

Supporters of Innovations & Partnerships:  

The Penn Libraries has built on a rich history of leading the way in innovations that benefit our constituents. Across campus, our learning communities are experimenting with new pedagogical methods, technologies, teaching programs and classroom design.

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