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Freedoms Foundation political pamphlet and periodical collection

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This broad collection includes twentieth-century pamphlets and periodicals from across the political spectrum. Published in America, mainly by the Freedoms Foundation, their geographical coverage ranges from Europe to Africa to Latin America to Southeast Asia. The collection contains 191 boxes of material. It was donated to the Penn Libraries in 1998 by the Freedoms Foundation, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Information for researchers

  • Because the collection covers such a range of topics, researchers in a wide variety of disciplines interested in social movements may locate relevant materials in it. A significant portion of materials relate to international Communism and Socialism, including both pro- and anti-Communist literature. More recent materials include NATO publications. Included are pamphlets documenting Civil Rights movements, as well as White nationalist publications opposing them. Human rights and peace movement publications are also included. African liberation movements; Cuba and Latin America; Vietnam; and China all have coverage.


    The collection includes runs of journals ranging from African Communist to East-West Digest, published by the Council Against Communist Aggression, as well as runs of newspapers such as The New Order, published by the National Socialist Party of America, and The Thunderbolt, Organ of the National States Rights Party. Included in the periodicals section are runs of published lectures, essays, and papers on economics and public policy, including those published by the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the IIER (Internation Institute for Economic Research).

    Records for groups of periodicals and newspapers in the collection can be found in the online catalog.

    Pamphlet publications

    Over seventy boxes of individually-issued pamphlets cover a range of political topics, including human rights and civil liberties; national security and disarmament; African liberation movements; Cuba, Vietnam and China; NATO and the Helsinki Accord.

    Researchers may download a complete inventory of the collection, which contains the titles of every pamphlet: