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The Kislak Center holds a group of materials related to the photographic experiments and motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904), and in particular connected with his work for Animal Locomotion, done at the University of Pennsylvania (1883-1887).

Researchers should note that an important collection of Muybridge materials are also housed at the University Archives and Records Center, a separate center at the university. View the finding aid for the Muybridge Collection at the University Archives.


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Printed materials by Muybridge include a nearly-complete set of plates for Animal Locomotion. View this record in the Franklin catalog.

Other publications by Muybridge include Animals in Motion (1899); Descriptive Zoopraxography (1893); and The Human Figure in Motion (1901). There are also modern studies of Muybridge and artist books and comics inspired by his work.

View publications by and relating to Muybridge in Franklin.

Manuscript materials related to Muybridge in the Kislak Center

The William Pepper Papers contains a small number of manuscript materials relating to Muybridge and his work at the University of Pennsylvania. Pepper was Provost of the University when Muybridge conducted his Animal Locomotion studies.

Finding aid for the William Pepper Papers (use a word search to locate references to Muybridge).

Other materials related to Muybridge

The Kislak Center also holds a mounted glass plate: twenty-four gelatin dry plate positives mounted onto glass. This plate was printed as Plate 621 in the Animal Locomotion series. Curatorial permission is required to view this fragile item. Also in the University Art Collection (not currently on display) is a portrait of Muybridge by Elsa Koening Nitzsche.

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Publications by Muybridge in the Kislak Center
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