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The Fisher Fine Arts Library is dedicated to the scholarly and creative output of art and art history in its broadest sense. Our approach is comprehensive while serving the specific curricular, research, and design needs of the History of Art Department, the Weitzman School of Design, the Visual Studies program, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Consequently, nearly every area of art and the history of art is represented. A significant percentage of the collection is in languages other than English including all major Western languages along with representative collections in Greek, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. In addition to trade and academic publications, the Fisher acquires gallery, museum, and heritage site publications as well as materials from smaller, independent publishers, artist collectives, and artist workshops. Art and history of art are also represented in the Fisher's Rare Book and Special Collections including first edition Japanese art photography monographs, artists' books, maps, original prints and drawings. In addition to print materials, the Fisher collects electronic resources, streaming videos, image collections, a web archive, and material samples. 

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