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Criminal Justice Abstracts upgrades with fulltext

Posted on by Lauris Olson

Criminal Justice Abstracts is the leading database for finding journal articles in criminology and related fields. The Penn Libraries have upgraded our subscription to include full text for several hundred academic journals, trade publications, magazines, and conference papers and proceedings.

Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text logoThe new Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text provides subject indexing for articles appearing in more than 500 academic journals and 100 magazines and trade publications in criminology, criminal justice, law enforcement, forensic sciences, criminal law, victim services and victimology, and crime-related sociology, psychology, and social work. Fulltext in PDF or HTML is now available for almost 350 journals and magazines, with more than 180 titles having current fulltext with no embargo.

Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text indexes 20 academic journals in criminology with runs of fifty or more years, and offers fulltext for six of these long-lived academic journals. The database provides PDF fulltext for more than 9,000 conference papers presented at the annual meetings of the American Society of Criminology, 2005-present, and selected papers from the British Criminology Conference, 2010-present.