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Popular culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975: rock and roll, counterculture, peace and protest

Posted on by Nick Okrent

By focusing on substantial collections of original archival material from key libraries in Britain and America, Popular Culture provides primary sources enabling students and scholars to examine key issues and events of the period, including:

  • Changing Lifestyles, 1950-1975
  • Youth Culture
  • Student Protests across Europe and the US
  • Popular Culture; TV; Music; Movies
  • Civil Rights; Women’s Liberation; Minority Groups
  • Consumerism; Credit Cards; Computers
  • The Vietnam conflict
  • Nuclear Disarmament

Material is sourced from repositories including The Social Protest Collection at Berkeley University, the alternative/underground/fanzine collections from Bowling Green State, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Archives, and a number of similar collections as well as the National Archive in Britain.