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LAPOP: Latin American public opinion poll datasets

Posted on by Lauris Olson

The Penn Libraries have joined LAPOP, the Latin American Public Opinion Project at Vanderbilt University, as a member institution and data repository.

Penn students, faculty, and staff may now download LAPOP microdata datasets – datasets contain the questionnaire responses of individual public opinion poll respondents – for LAPOP’s AmericasBarometer polls, 2004-present, and for selected national polls from Latin American countries and Madagascar conducted before 2004.

LAPOP’s principal survey topics are democracy, governance, citizen security, the rule of law, economic well-being, social inclusion, political tolerance. The AmericasBarometer, a biennial survey of citizen experiences, evaluations and preferences was first conducted in 2004. The AmericasBarometer survey is conducted throughout the Western Hemisphere. The 2016/2017 AmericasBarometer wave surveyed 29 countries in North America (including the United States), the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, with more than 43,000 respondents.