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Access Policies

The nature of a high density facility precludes the possibility of browsing through the collection to locate materials. Generally, users with specific needs are encouraged to request delivery of books and journals to the on-campus library of their choice. In cases where the user must consult a large number of volumes at once, however, it may instead be more convenient to ask for those materials to be retrieved and held in the reading room at the Facility. Both Penn and non-Penn users may contact the LIBRA Facility staff at 856-381-4025 or to arrange a visit if it is appropriate.

Please note: Visits MUST be arranged in advance, to give the staff time to retrieve the needed materials.

Borrowing Policies and Procedures

Any library user, including visitors, may request that materials stored at the LIBRA Facility be delivered to an on-campus library. Patrons may request materials for weekday on-campus delivery. Materials are delivered once each weekday to Van Pelt Library and other on-campus Penn Libraries, so turnaround time is one to two business days.

Any person who is authorized to borrow other Penn materials may also check out circulating LIBRA materials. Some materials, including those published before 1850, must be used in the library. Materials stored at LIBRA may be charged at any Library pickup point, including Van Pelt or any of the other Penn Libraries. Loan policies for LIBRA materials are the same as Van Pelt Library policies for other materials with the exception of bound journal volumes. Bound journals from LIBRA may circulate for one week. People who don't have borrowing privileges must use LIBRA materials at the designated library pickup point.

Requesting a Delivery from LIBRA

There are a number of ways to request LIBRA materials. Penn faculty, staff, students, affiliates and medical staff should use the "Request" option in Franklin for monographs or entire journal volumes, or "Scan & Deliver" for specific articles or book chapters.

Courtesy borrowers should use the "Request" form for all requests.

Non-borrowers may not use the "Request" feature but instead need to use these forms:

Request materials from LIBRA

or fill out a paper request form at any Library circulation desk. Paper requests will be faxed to LIBRA, while electronic forms will be sent automatically.

Article Delivery and Photocopy Services

Penn users may request individual articles rather than delivery of journal volumes. If you provide complete citation information, you will receive, at no cost to you, electronic delivery of the articles up to 50 pages in length. If you prefer, a hard copy can be delivered to the library pickup location of your choice. Persons who are not authorized to borrow Penn materials will receive hard copies only.

Reading Room

Although the LIBRA facility is not a browsable collection, it does accommodate users who need access to long runs of serials or a large number of books. The Facility has a reading room for onsite consultation of materials. The reading room is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Due to staffing constraints we ask patrons to call in advance so that the LIBRA staff can retrieve materials and have them ready for use.

Services to Patrons with Disabilities

The Reading Room is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Material can be delivered to the Van Pelt Library and used with available adaptive equipment and software.