The Alec Harris, C’85 and Carollina Song Fund

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The Alec Harris, C’85 and Carollina Song Fund was established in 2012 by Alec Harris, C’85 and Carollina Song to support acquisitions of interdisciplinary materials, an area that resonates very personally for the couple.  Alec and Carollina believe that it is important for the students, faculty, and researchers at Penn to have access to a wide range of materials that encourage interdisciplinary exploration and collaboration.  As an anthropology undergraduate, Alec had the opportunity to take a variety of courses in the College, many of which were rich and rewarding and serve him well to this day.  

Alec and Carollina are bibliophiles and the proud parents of two children, Gabriel and Rosalind.  Through their fund, the couple is happy to assist the Penn Libraries and at the same time support he University’s commitment to interdisciplinary studies.

For more information on gifts supporting information resources and other areas and the Penn Libraries, please contact us at