Class of 1878

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Photo of Class of 1878

Established in 1913, this fund supports the acquisition of materials on geology. Geology is now studied in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, where the mission is to bring the time perspective of the Earth scientist/historian to bear on contemporary problems of natural-resource conservation and environmental quality.

Students and faculty are exploring present and past interactions of processes that integrate the four terrestrial spheres: lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere; reconstructing the physical and biological history of our Planet to provide a baseline for projection of observed trends into an uncertain future; and educating future generations of environmental analysts, managers, and planners to exercise responsible stewardship of Earth and her natural resources.

The Library serves these students with their curiosity about the Earth--its history, its present dynamics, and its future-- with new materials, supported by a gift from the visionary members of the Class of 1878.

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