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The nursing collection supports the basic education of nurses in the undergraduate and graduate programs, along with the special interests of the School of Nursing's research centers. The library's collection also supports the clinical practice, administrative activity, and continuing education of professional nurses and other staff in the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

Collection description

The University's nursing collection is housed in the Biotech Commons, which serves the research, education, and clinical 
practice needs of the faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students of the Nursing and Medical Schools, 
Biomedical Graduate Studies, and employees of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

This document focuses on the ways in which the nursing collection at the Biotech Commons supports the academic programs 
of the School of Nursing as well as the professional practices of the nursing staff of the University of Pennsylvania Health Systems.

Nursing students are well served by access to the entire Library system where they can become familiar with and utilize the 
collections of Van Pelt, Lippincott, and other of the 15 libraries on campus whenever appropriate. The Biotech Commons collects 
materials in nursing and related health-care disciplines while materials in the social sciences and 
other fields used by Nursing School faculty and students are located throughout the Library system.

Collection development for nursing is undertaken dynamically in order to support evolving clinical practice and academic issues 
relevant to nurses across the University system. The entire spectrum of nursing activities is supported within the university collections: 
electronic and print textbooks and journals on nursing practice, research and education; advanced practice and research information 
in journal article citations from the CINAHL/Nursing database and Medline database; social sciences databases that offer information
to support the psychosocial aspects of nursing research and practice. These are only a few of the many resources of interest 
to nursing that may be accessed both on campus and remotely by current students, faculty, and staff of the University and UPHS 
via the Health Sciences Libraries Home Page.

In addition to the Library collection, The School of Nursing Center for The Study of The History of Nursing has approximately 
1,500 book titles that comprise half of the history of nursing records listed in the Franklin Online Catalog. The remaining titles are 
at the Biotech Commons and Van Pelt Libraries. This Center is a resource for research to improve the quality and scope of historical scholarship
on nursing and to disseminate new knowledge on nursing history through education, conferences, publications, and inter-disciplinary 
collaboration. The Center collects, processes, and catalogues a collection of primary historical materials and encourages and facilitates
historical scholarship on health care history and nursing in the United States. In addition to its books, the Center holds manuscripts 
of hospitals, schools of nursing and nursing alumni associations, voluntary non-profit associations, professional and 
military associations, as well as of other groups and of individuals.

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Doing research

Contact the nursing liaison librarians for resource recommendations and other assistance: rjame@upenn.edu and semorgan@upenn.edu



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