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Biomedical research collection

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Collection description

This page describes the Biomedical Research collection which is housed in the Biomedical Library. The primary focus of the collection is on the basic sciences and biomedical research and supports the graduate students in the Biomedical Graduate Studies program in the Perelman School of Medicine.

The collection is primarily electronic supported by print only when necessary or not available in digital format. 

The collection also works in collaboration with the Medicine and Biology collection and serve as the main drivers of what is to be considered the Biomedical Library collection. 

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Doing research

The library provides access to multiple Biomedical research related databases, ebooks, ejournals, protocols and videos. The Biomedical Library homepage is always a good place to start. Other starting points are listed below:


PubMed  |  Scopus  |  Web of Science

Reference works

Research guides