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Financial Data Resources

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  • Lippincott Library has a prominent collection of financial data resources. These include large, well-known products like Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Pitchbook, as well as more niche resources like Preqin for private equity and hedge fund data, or Morningstar Direct for mutual funds and alternative investments. These databases allow students and faculty to download and analyze huge stores of data directly into Excel or other statistical software packages. They can manipulate and model the market data as they see fit, giving them the autonomy to spot trends and make their own forecasts. Some of these databases are available within our Yablon Financial Resources Lab, a facility made for Wharton students to be able to learn and collaborate with these specialized tools. Perhaps more importantly, beyond being able to access these resources for their academic work, they are able to train on the exact platforms that many will be using when they graduate and move into jobs in the financial sector. According to surveys released by Career Services and MBA Career Management, nearly 50% of the undergraduates and 37% of the MBAs graduating in 2018 went into investment banking, investment management, private equity & venture capital, and other related roles in the financial sector. For these students to have access to the very same tools that they will need to use day-in and day-out when they leave Penn to start their careers is an immense advantage.