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Asian American Film

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  • The Libraries has worked with the Asian American studies program and other stakeholders to build a robust collection of Asian American videos, including feature films, television shows, documentaries and other genres.  We now provide access to over 1000 videos.  The historic collection, mainly on DVD, has been greatly supplemented by material available through streaming services such as Alexander Street Press and Docuseek.  Special strengths include videos about people of East Asian descent and social themes, but coverage is broad and includes all Asian ethnic groups.

    Some of these films are contemporary and may be available through Netflix or other services.  Others are uncommon and are difficult to obtain.  Regardless, the Libraries aim to preserve these films and assure their availability over the long term, regardless of what commercial services are available.  In addition, the Libraries are able to obtain course use and public screening rights to promote social and pedagogical uses.

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