Museum Library - Detail of campus map

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Detail of campus map and instructions for finding the Library in the Museum building.

Museum campus map

The Museum Library is in the middle of floor 3 of the Academic Wing.

From the East Entrance (sometimes referred to as the Group or Kress entrance): After checking in at the Visitors' Services desk, use the East Elevator behind the desk to go from floor 1 to floor 3 in the Academic Wing. Go straight as you exit the elevator.

The Penn Museum's Main Entrance is open during Museum Hours, 10AM-5PM, Tuesdays-Sundays. After checking in at the Visitors' Services desk at the entrance, you have a few possible routes through the galleries in order to reach the Penn Museum's Upper Level and Academic Wing. Our recommendation for the fastest, yet scenic route is to use the elevator or stairs near the Sphinx in order to access the Penn Museum's upper level; then pass through the Asian galleries, including the awe-inspiring China Rotunda, and then turn left to pass through the upper Egypt gallery to the Academic Wing corridor at its far end.