The A.S.W. Rosenbach Lectures in Bibliography

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A.S.W. Rosenbach

Rosenbach Lectures as of 2007 are available through
the Penn Libraries Scholarly Commons repository and on youtube.


2022 Rosenbach Lectures: Peter D. McDonald, The Secret Life of Books.

The Rosenbach Fellowship in Bibliography, established by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania in 1928, honors a gift for that purpose from A.S.W. Rosenbach, one of America's greatest book dealers and collectors. Its intention is to further scholarship and scholarly publication in bibliography and book history, broadly understood. Rosenbach Fellows typically present a series of three lectures over a period of one to two weeks while in residence at the University of Pennsylvania. Because of a continuing commitment to the series by the University of Pennsylvania Press, many of these lectures have been published as book-length studies.

The Rosenbach Lectures are the longest continuing series of bibliographical lectureships in the United States. The series began in 1931, with Christopher Morley as the first Rosenbach Fellow. Over the years, lecture topics have included fifteenth-century printing, the relationships between print and manuscript, papermaking, book illustration, American reading and publishing, and reading in the digital age. Among recent lecturers are Paul Needham, Ann Blair, William Zachs, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, and Mary J. Carruthers.

The Rosenbach Lectures Advisory Committee:

Lynne Farrington, chair (Director of Programs/Senior Curator, Kislak Center, Penn Libraries)
Jesse Erickson (Astor Curator and Department Head, Printed Books and Bindings, Morgan Library & Museum)
Glenda Goodman (Associate Professor of Music, Penn)
Cassidy Holahan (Graduate Student, English, Penn)
Deven Patel (Associate Professor of South Asia Studies, Penn)
Sean Quimby, ex officio (Associate University Librarian & Director, Kislak Center, Penn Libraries)
Whitney Trettien (Assistant Professor of English, Penn)

Lectures: 2007 - present

2024 : Elizabeth McHenry

2023 : Leah Price