Accessibility information for the Math/Physics/Astronomy Library

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Accessible entrance

A call must be placed in advance to the David Rittenhouse Laboratory Building to arrange for access. A remote control device is needed for access to the barrier-free entrance. The device can be obtained by calling Facilities Management for the building, 215-898-9870.

The barrier-free entrance is on 33rd street through the door at the top of the ramp and to the far left of the Main Entrance. This door is locked at all times and requires the remote control device for entrance. Upon entering proceed down the hall and make a right. The elevator is halfway down the hall on the right.

The Math/Physics/Astronomy Library is located on the 3rd Floor in room 3N1. Go left after leaving the elevator to the intersecting corridor. Turn left and go through the double doors to the end of this corridor. Turn right. The library is half way down the corridor on the right.