The Power of Penn Libraries

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We are not in the book business.

We are in the blow your mind, find the answers, create the future business.

We humans need to know. When we look hard enough, think hard enough, have the right tools, expand our circle and work together—the world widens, our minds open. We discover the answers. And when they don’t yet exist, we create them.

The Penn Libraries is defining knowledge creation for the 22nd century. We are an all-access pass to an all-ages show. We satisfy the human need to know. Our shelf life is infinite.

Think beyond the book. Our librarians are co-creators and embedded experts on research teams. Our collections, maker spaces, and hands-on tools connect theory and practice. Disciplines intersect in ways that only happen here — intersections that are essential to solving society’s most vexing problems.

We are the University’s engine for sharing Penn breakthroughs with the world. We are the great democratizer, equalizing access to information and technology for all our students. We have moved beyond our campus and into the community — re-opening and helping to run our city’s school libraries.

We are the common ground and the shared experience among alumni of all Penn’s schools and programs. We graduate everybody.

Your support makes the difference. Knowledge is power. Flip the switch.