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Positive Psychology Collection

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    Van Pelt stacks range BF204.6 holds many positive psychology titles

The University of Pennsylvania has long been known as a central spot for the study of positive psychology. Penn psychology professor, Martin Seligman is known for laying the foundation for positive psychology as it appears today. He was instrumental in writing the core literature for the field, and took a leadership role within Penn's Positive Psychology Center as well as the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program. The MAPP program attracts positive psychology researchers from around the globe with a wide range of research interests. Popular research interests include topics such as well-being, hope, happiness, resilience, and grit.

With the help of the Howard R. Jachman Memorial Fund, the Penn Libraries have gathered a range of works that highlight Penn as a research hub for the study of positive psychology.

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With a focus on positive psychology the Libraries have been able to acquire essential and top-cited works within the field of positive psychology including:

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