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ARC MS1 - Ben-Zion Goldberg Papers (Benjamin Waife)

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B.Z. Goldberg was born on January 9, 1895, in the town of Olshani, a province of Vilna (Vilnius). His father was a rabbi and shochet his mother was a daughter of the Gedrewitzer Rabbi. The family was connected with prominent rabbis of Vilna and Dvinsk. The family name in the old country was Waife. Ben-Zion's father changed his name to Goldberg on arrival to the US, since the nephews to whom he had come were named Goldberg. After the death of his mother, in 1935, Goldberg. legally resumed the name of Waife. He has retained the name B.Z. Goldberg as one of his his pen names.

Goldberg was a precocious child. At age eleven he was already a student at the famous Yeshiva of Volozhin, the youngest student to be admitted there in 1906. In 1908 he joined his family on a journey to the USA to reunite with his father. In New York he studies for about a year at the Yeshiva of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan. Then his father obtained a position as a Rabbi in Traverse City, Michigan, where Goldberg completed one year of high school. Then the family moved to Albia, Iowa, where in 1912 BZG graduated from high school after one year in 1912, with a scholarship for the State University of Iowa. After one year in the University of Iowa, Goldberg came back east and continued to study at Columbia University. He received a B.S. degree in Psychology in 1917 and his MA degree in 1919. He continued his study of Psychology for the Ph.D., but did not complete his dissertation.

Goldberg began to write in his childhood, was assistant editor of school page in the local paper in Traverse city, Michigan during his first two years of high school. He also contributed, in Yiddish to the Jewish Record of Chicago. Upon his return to New York he occasionally wrote for the Yidishe Tageblat (1914-1915).

In December 1914, BZG first met Shalom Aleichem and became a frequent visitor to his home. He instructed Sholom Aleichem???s youngest daughter in English. They got married in 1917, and had two sons, Sholom and Mitchell.

While a student at Columbia, BZA taught psychology, in Yiddish, at the Folks University, an institution he was later to head for a few years, and also at the Jewish Teacher???s Seminary, of which he became director in 1920.

Wishing to write for the Yiddish ???the Day???, but being told by the editor that he didn???t have the popular stuff the newspaper needed, BZG wrote under his secretary???s name a popular feature under the title ???A Diary of a Young Women???. Edlin, the editor didn???t believe it was the secretary, but published the article anyway. They were an instantaneous success, and ran for a number of months. When the identity of the real author was revealed, Goldberg became a correspondent of the Day and a permanent member of the staff (September 1922). Within months he was made assistant editor, writing for his daily column for years. Was managing editor for 15 years, and his daily column dealt with foreign affairs.

The Sholom Aleichem Foundation, which was a New York corporation, continued existence years after BZG left it to join the Day. His brother-in-law, I.D. Berkowitz, and more directly his mother-in-law, the widow of Sholom Aleichem, ran it. Goldberg was an officer of the corporation.

BZG also found time to research in the field of psychology of religion. In 1930 Horace Liveright published his book ???The Sacred Fire, the story of sex in religion???. It ran into 4 printings in the US, and 3 in England.

In 1932 BZG was invited to write for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a column on world events (1933-1934), which was first in its kind in American press.. For the Eagle and the Day, Goldberg traveled throughout Europe and the Near East, writing daily columns in English and Yiddish. One of the biggest events of the Day was BZG???s trip to Russia in the summer of 1934. He spent four months in the USSR, making trips from Leningrad to Batum, trips on the Volga, finally going into Biro Bidjan, the first foreign journalist to visit that territory. This made Goldberg???s name a household name among all the Yiddish readers, gaining the Day thousands of new readers. Subsequent visits December 1945-June 1946, July-August 1959. BZG was the first American Jewish writer to visit the USSR after World War II. The Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists in America and the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the Soviet Union had a joint project the ???Black Book???. Also cooperating in this was the Va???ad Leumi in Palestine and the World Jewish Congress. The author of ???The Jewish Problem in the Soviet Union???, Crown publishers. Goldberg became active after his visit in 1934 in the movement for Birobidjan, and vice-president of the American Committee for Birobidjan, a bourgeois-intellectual group, raising considerable money for BB. During the following years, member of the Executive Committee of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, at whose dinners US Senators often appeared as speakers; Vice-president of Jewish Russian War Relief, President of the American committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientist, of which Albert Einstein was Honorary President and among its members were Marc Chagall (then in the US), Arthur Miller, Marc Blitzstein etc. Goldberg was American host of Mikhoels and Feffer on their visit in the US in 1943, chaired the mass meeting for their reception with 58,000 paid admissions. With Rabbi Stephen Wise, Nahum Goldman and high city and federal officials, were among the distinguished speakers.

Goldberg was also the editor of Einikeit, organ Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists. He was a contributor to Current History, New Republic, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Toronto Star Weekly, editor of The Jewish Digest (1940-1941), The Evening Post (NY), New Currents. Regular contributor to Al Hamishmar, Tel Aviv, since 1946 member of the Jewish Writers Union, Jewish Pen Club, Chairman of the American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists, vice ???Chairman of Jewish Council for Russian Relief, Ambidjan. Member of the Jewish National Workers Alliance.

He traveled in every country in Europe, every country in Latin America, every country in the Near East, China, Japan.

Goldberg was a famous lecturer on life behind the iron curtain, Jewish life in Post War Europe, Jews in Russian and Palestine, Sholom Aleichem and his world.

B.Z. Goldberg died in Tel Aviv, December 1972


BZG curriculum vitae

B.Z. Goldberg ???Ten Years Later??? Israel Horizons Vol. 10, No. 8, October 1962

Processors Note

The material has been partially processed in two parts. The processing procedure was discontinued in August, 1998. By than, about 14 large containers of unsorted material remained.

Removals: Posters announcing Goldberg???s lectures both in the US and abroad have been transferred to the Poster Collection. A few posters relating to political parties and elections in Israel have been transferred to the Poster Collection as well.

If not indicated otherwise, all material is in 5???x 10??? boxes. In some cases, such as ???notes???, ???Sholem Aleichem??? material and others, the material is kept in large containers, and this is indicated in the container list bellow.

Except for B.Z. Goldberg and Benjamin Waife (Goldberg???s real name), he wrote under several names. The pseudonyms usually appear in short stories. The following pseudonyms have appeared in the material and these essays were most likely written by B.Z. Goldberg: I. Ben Zakai, Willliam Zuckerman, H. Westmark, B.Z. Harzove, Henry Hobs, Marie van de Water, A. Hobo

Sholem Aleichem correspondence

In boxes containing various materials on Sholem Aleichem. Check also under alphabetical correspondence with the following (incomplete list):

  • Abram Donald Murray
  • Mrs. William B. Hassid
  • Israel Stolarsky ??? American Farband Folks Committee for a Sholem Aleichem House in Tel Aviv
  • Tamara Kahana (Y. D. Berkowitz??? daughter, in her file and also Sholem Aleichem???s boxes)
  • Isidore Goldstick (publication of translations)
  • Nathan Ausulre (translation of Tuveyah)
  • Beth Shalom Aleichem (see bellow)
  • Abraham Lis
  • Yiddisher Kultur Farband (YKUF)

Shalom Aleichem Schools:

Incomplete, check also under separate headings of schools, by names

Beth Shalom Aleichem:

See also ??? Farband Labor Zionist Order

Tamara Kahana

Y. D. Berkowitz

Moshe Davis:

See also under Jewish Theological Seminary

Rabbi Mehachem Schneerson:

See under Lubavitch

Anti Fascist League:

See also under Joseph Brainin

American Committee of Jewish Writers, artists, and Scientists

American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists:

Honorary Presidents: Albert Einstein, Sholom Asch

President: B. Z. Goldberg

Vice President: Dr. Raphael Mahler

Executive Chairman: Joseph Brainin

In contact with Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee

Yiddisher Kultur Farband (YKUF)

See also under alphabetical correspondence

Meisel, Nachman

Bik, Abraham

Goldberg, B.Z.

Goldberg, Ita

Navik, P.

Mermer, Kalman (President)

Mahler, Raphael

Weinfer, Z. (National Secretary)

Gidelman, Aaron

Zaltsman, Reuben

Katz, Moshe

Mustel, Jacob

Kirk, Frank

Klienberg, Manya

Federacion de Entidades Culturales Judias en La Argentina


Boxes relating to stories and articles: dates and journals are listed when they are known. Sometimes essays and stories appear with no title. A descriptive title is given is brackets.

Alphabetical Correspondence

  • For publications by others check under box ???publications by others??? as well as in alphabetical correspondence
  • Alphabetical correspondence is divided into boxes, usually a box containing correspondence under one letter. Sometimes a letter is divided into a few boxes. Each letter begins with a miscellaneous section, containing one or two letters of correspondence with one person or organization. An attempt was made to open a file for each individual or organization that more than two letters exist. The miscellaneous list is arranged alphabetically, but one should note that some of the names have been translated from Yiddish or Hebrew and the transliteration might not be accurate at this stage of registration of the material. When searching for a specific name, one should check for a few options. A star (*) next to a name indicates that another letter by the same author exists in the ???miscellaneous??? section, (and in rare cases, an actual file exists) but they have not been placed together. One should go over the ???miscellaneous??? section to check this. The ???Miscellaneous??? section refers to all material, even if there is more than one box.

Container List

  1.       Notes (in Yiddish and English)

Notes (in Yiddish and English)

  1.       Notes (in Yiddish and English)
  2.       Notes (in Yiddish and English)
  3.       Notes (in Yiddish and English)
  4.       Notes (in Yiddish and English)
  5.       1. Typescript of ???The History of the Jews in America???

2. Typescript of ???The Jews in the Soviet Union???

  1.       Notes for Goldberg???s column in ???The Day???
  2.       Material for ???The Sacred Fire??? (notes on sex, marriage, family, morals, from books and articles)
  3.       Material for ???The Sacred Fire??? (see above)
  4.   Material for ???The Sacred Fire??? ( see box 9)
  5.   Material for ???The Sacred Fire??? (see box 9)
  6.   Material for ???The Sacred Fire??? (see box 9)
  7.   Material for ???The Sacred Fire??? (see box 9)
  8.   Copies of the ???Jewish Digest???
  9.   Notes (in Yiddish and English)
  10.   Notes on marriage, family and Soviet issues (summaries from articles)
  11.   Copies of the ???Jewish Digest???
  12.   Mainly drafts and typescripts of ???The Sacred Fire???. Also material collected for the book (Kama Sutra etc.). Large container.
  13.   Drafts of ???The Jews in America???
  14.   Drafts of ???The Jews in the Soviet Union???
  15.   Typescripts:
  1.       Between Land and Sea: The Jewish Problem in the Soviet Union
  2.       The Jews in Russia
  3.       The Jews in the Soviet Union (in Yiddish)

23. Manuscripts and material on early settlements in America (Boston, Virginia), including the story of Pocahontas. Also material on 17th Brazilian Jewish history

24. Publicity

  1.     Typescript of ???Jewish Life in America???
  2.     Typescripts:
  1.       ???On Jews in the Soviet Union???
  2.       ???On Jews in American History???

27. Typescripts of ???The Jews in the Soviet Union??? (Yiddish)

  1.   Notes, list of books in Hebrew on Sifrut Hascala

29. Shalom Aleichem: ???My father ??? Shalom Aleichem??? Mairie Waife-Goldberg???s biography of her father, drafts and correspondence with her (large container)

  1.   Shalom Aleichem: 1. Marie Waife-Goldberg ???My father ??? Shalom Aleichem


  1.       Correspondence on the Beth Shalom Aleichem in Tel Aviv
  2.       Clippings, pamphlets, photographs, scripts of plays, Shalom Aleichem schools

31.Correspondence 1957-1958 (unsorted)

32. Manuscripts:


  • Children of Israel: An Informal History of the Jewish People as Part of the World in Which They Lived
  • Manuscript on New York and its port
  • Manuscript about Russia, World War II
  • Draft on the United States (Yiddish)
  • Short essays in Yiddish (check!)

33. Correspondence 1953-1955 (unsorted)

34. ???The Day???, daily column of Goldberg

35. ???The Day???

36. ???The Day???

  1.     ???The Day???
  2.     ???The Day???
  3.     Shalom Aleichem: clippings and correspondence on his plays; typescript of ???The Big Winning???
  4.     Typescript of a novel ???The Withering Root??? (Benjamin Waife)
  5.     Personal matters: lecturer ???s booking reminder and reports, Get Well cards; condolences upon Goldberg???s death; family music notes (Shalom Waife; Mitchell Goldberg)
  6.     Articles on Yiddish press
  7.     Articles of Goldberg in ???Al Hamishmar???, ???The Jewish Week???; clippings on Goldberg???s visit to Cuba (1944)
  8.     Manuscripts
  9.     ???The Day???, daily column of Goldberg
  10.     Typescript of ???The Withering Root???; correspondence between Goldberg and Morwenna Arthy (1966-1967)
  11.     Manuscript and typescript of Marie Waife-Goldberg???s biography ???My Father ??? Shalom Aleichem???
  12.     Reprints of published articles of Goldberg:
  1.       ???The American Yiddish Press at its Centennial??? (1971)
  2.       ???Travels in the Soviet Union??? (1966)
  3.       ???The Jews in the Soviet Union???(1966)
  1.     Articles and clippings on Psychoanalysis, sexual imagination, sin, homosexuality
  2.     Manuscript and typescript of ???Confessions, Sacred and Profane???
  3.     Shalom Aleichem: plays, Marie Waife-Goldberg lectures on Shalom Aleichem, fees
  4.     Typescript and correspondence on ???The Sacred Fire???
  5.     Off prints:

* Bitzaron, ???Reminiscences???

  1.     Newspaper clippings (large container)
  2.     Newspaper clippings (large container)
  3.     Correspondence concerning ???Liga V??? matters and miscellaneous
  4.     Clippings of ???The Day??? (large container)
  5.     Albums (large container):

1. Albums containing newspaper clippings of Al Hamishmar (Hebrew), and Goldberg???s articles


  1.       Album of newspaper clippings on the USSR
  2.       Goldberg???s column in the ???World Today???
  1.     Clippings of ???The Day??? (1957-1959) (large container)


The following section is composed of typescripts, manuscripts and sometimes handwritings of stories, essays and articles of B.Z. Goldberg. Some of the material was published. For published material check in ???off prints??? section, as well as Goldberg???s daily column in ???The Day???. Check also albums of newspaper clippings.


  1.     Stories by B.Z. Goldberg: (The majority of short stories are not dated but are probably from the 30???s)


  • Tale by a psychologist: The widower???s Tale
  • An infidel looks at Catholicism
  • Your love life: Series of short stories
  • Sex life in Russia as seen through three pairs of eyes
  • Mothers on Parade
  • The lost art of loving
  • Salvage, a play in seven scenes by B. Z. Goldberg and Mark Walters
  • ???Oh, make me write??????The cry of the village (I. Ben Zakai)
  • Nature goes a-woowing: The wiles of the matchmaker
  • Smoking star
  • With a sin in my heart (probably by Goldberg)
  • The belated redeemer (William Zukerman)
  • ???Ask me another??? for husbands (H. Westmark)
  • Somebody???s wife (B.Z. Harzove)
  • At last we know why the flapper flaps (BZG)
  • When hearts are broken (stories that must be told)
  • Virginia of Chimney Grove (Marie Van de Water)
  • Mita (Henry Hobs)
  • Untitled, the story of Harry Galant
  • Sandor of the plains: what one American girl made of (A. Hobo)
  • Benjamin Franklin (poem)
  • In the Sultan???s court (manuscript, also handwritten notes on Suleiman the Magnificant
  • Muchamad???s wives (notes)
  • Khurrem the joyous one
  • Eleanor the crusading queens
  • Toward the land of his dreams (Henry Hobs)
  • Untitled (The story of David)
  • Adam and Eve (handwriting, in Yiddish)
  • The Nation Today (Benjamin Waife)
  • Untitled (The story of Ella and Seymour), typescript and notes


  1.     Articles on the Soviet Union
  • Russia: the economic situation (1966)
  • Response article by BZG to the editor of ???New Palestine??? on Jacob Lestchinsky???s article ???Soviet Jews or Soviet Jewry??? (typescript)
  • BZG critic on Jacob Lestchinsky???s article
  • Book proposal: Soviet Europe today (1960???s)
  • Untitled (Can Jews survive in the Soviet Socialist world)
  • Judea a la Soviet or The Jews go back to wilderness (on Birobidjan)
  • Is Stalin grooming Kaganovich as heir apparent?
  • Memorandum on Birobidjan (in Yiddish)
  • Trade Unions in Russia (handwriting, Benjamin Waife)
  • The image of the Jew in the Soviet press
  • The Ukraine ??? after fifteen years or Ukraina - The Soviet???s Nationalist sore (1935)
  • The Red Pope of Russia speaks (also titled ???In Russia the anti-God crusade goes on)
  • In muddy Luthuania
  • Does Russia want war?
  • Why they harass the synagogue: Behind the persecution of the Jewish religion in the Soviet Union
  • The Soviet Union and Israel
  • Russia, Jews and Israel
  • Encuentros en La Union Sovietica (1963)
  • Borris Pasternak y Leon Tolstoy (translated from Yiddish by Salomon Kahan)
  • Czechoslovakia faces East
  • Meet Maroussia and Svetlana ??? Russia???s average women (Benjamin Waife)
  • Socialist world here to stay (Benjamin Waife)
  • A tourist is Russia
  • Russia???s other people (Benjamin Waife)
  • American Jews take their stand: The significance of the American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry
  • The effects of the recent immigration from Eastern and Central Europe on the American Jewish Community
  • The student struggle in the Soviet Union (1964)


  1.     Essays and articles (most of them were published)


  • On the wrong side of the tracks ??? Blacks who would be Jews (1972)
  • Jewish Ecumenism ??? why not?
  • The impact of the Jewish Labor movement upon American Labor and the Jewish Community
  • Untitled (The concept of Tsedakah)
  • Our Jewish people in a divided world (incomplete)
  • On inspirational and religious resistance in the Nazi concentration camps
  • Where is the American Jew (in Yiddish)
  • On the Yiddish Culture congress (in Yiddish)
  • On President Nixon (in Yiddish)
  • On employment of married women, on poll tax in the south
  • Crime in Kansas City
  • Plans for YKUF (in Yiddish)
  • The significance of the press in Jewish life
  • The death of a Yiddish newspaper (???The Day???) (published in ???Midstream???, April 1972)
  • Ben Gurion in New York (handwriting)
  • Memo on New York English column
  • Untitled (The Issur against affiliation of Orthodox Synagogues and Rabbis with mixed religious groups)
  • The Jews in Peru (in Yiddish)
  • Ghetto memorial (in Yiddish)
  • Ghetto memorial (in English)
  • The Rosenberg case and Anti Semitism (in Yiddish)
  • The Jewish mind grappling with Christian science
  • The simple concise portrayal of an enduring race
  • Jews, gentiles and bunk
  • Why Jews?
  • The light of the inner circle
  • The mirror of your soul
  • Why marriage fails (William Cody, Ph.D.)
  • What???s in your name?
  • New York letter
  • The ???badchanoot??? in stories (in Yiddish)
  • The Aztecs
  • The woman who made Mussolini (1929) (H. E. Harzove, not published)
  • Short draft of the book ???The Erotic Imagination???
  • A letter from Brazil (1948) (Benjamin Waife)
  • Untitled (Yiddish theatre in America)
  • Untitled, on the journal ???Israel Horizons???
  • Untitled, on the journal ???The Day???
  • About the Shtetel Olshani (in Yiddish)
  • For Morris Weinberg, two thirds of a century of Jewish life in America (in Yiddish)
  • A literary study on Abraham Liessin (in Yiddish)
  • Three levels of Jewish life in America (in Yiddish)


  1.     Off prints (BZG)
  • ???Centennial of the Jewish Press in America??? United Synagogue Review, 3/23/1970
  • ???Recuerdo Eterno??? (No date, no name of publication)
  • ???A letter from Moscow??? Nie Yiddish, October-November 1922
  • ???John F. Kenneddy??? Tribuna Israelita, 1965 (Also in the issue essays by Menashe Unger and Salomon Kahan on B.Z. Goldberg. Goldberg???s photograph appears on the cover of the issue.)
  • ???Ten years later??? Israel Horizons, October 1962 (article commenting about the execution of the Jewish writers and artists in the USSR on August, 1952)
  • ???Los Soldados Judios licenciados en Polonia Hemisferio, October 1946 (The cover shows Albert Einstein and Joseph Brainin presenting ???The Black Book of Nazi Crimes??? to Ilya Ehrenburg, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee)
  • ???The Soviet Union ??? Enemy or Friend???? (The American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists, and Scientists, New York, 1947, booklet) (in Yiddish)
  • ???Seven Years after the Heroic Revolt??? (of Warsaw Ghetto) ICUF, April-May 1950 (in Yiddish)
  • ???In Answer to Ehrenburg??? Israel Horizons, October-November, 1955
  • ???A Jew in Ireland??? Israel Horizons, August-September, 1959


  1.     Addresses and Lectures:
  • ???Our policy in Formosa???
  • Untitled (on freedom of thought concerning children), given at the Educational Conference T.C., 1953
  • ???Corliss Lamont??? (elections, Lamont candidate for Senate)
  • Untitled, Address on behalf of the Committee for Jewish Writers and Artists to the members of the Detroit Committee for the Jewish Black Book
  • Untitled (The Smith Act, regarding Communism), St. Nichlas Arena, October, 1952
  • Untitled (Academic freedom) Carnegie Hall 6/4/1954
  • ???Mass Communication and the Yiddish Public??? and response letters, April, 1969
  • Upon the establishment of the Ida Kaminska Yiddish Theatre
  • ???Why Marriage Fails???
  • Address to the Advisory Committee on Jewish Affairs of the Progressive Party of America
  • Untitled (on Jewish students), address to ???Menorah??? members
  • A lecture on the Rosenberg Case


  1.     Literary work by others (essays, stories etc.) (alphabetical order, indication if not in English, also contain issues of various journals) A-M

* Abramovich, Moshe, ???Jews in the 1959 Soviet Population Census??? ???Jews in Eastern Europe???

  • Bamberger, Bernard J. ???Halakah in our Age: The Basic Problem??? ???Judaism, A Quarterly Journal???
  • ???Beit Bialik ??? A Year after its Opening???
  • Berkowitz, Y. D. ???Youth Chapters??? (Hebrew) ???Moznaim???, Vol. 17, 4-5
  • Birenbuam, Paltiel ???The Golden Language of the Rambam??? (Hebrew) ???Hadoar???
  • Bluestone, E. M. ???The Humorous Side of the Medical Life in Palestine??? (typescript)
  • Bluestone, E. M. ???Miscellaneous ???Poems?????? (typescript)
  • Blumenfeld, Samuel, M., ???Hayim Greenberg: Zionist Educator???, reprint from ???Jewish Frontier???, march 1963
  • Carmel, Zvi, ???Between the Fire and the Holocaust??? (Hebrew) ???Hadoar???, 1958
  • Cohen, Victor, ???More Power to the National Educational Bureaus must be given in order to Perpetuate Judaism??? (typescript)
  • Cohen, Yehezkel, ???Hebrew through Conversation??? a manual, (The Jewish Agency ??? American Section) 1963
  • Cutler, Abraham Y. ???Beit Midrash Amami??? (Yiddish) ???Zukunft??? April 1956
  • Davis, Moshe and Lottie, ???Land of Our Fathers ??? Guide to Map of Biblical Names in America???, published by The Associated American Artists, New York
  • Decter, Moshe, ???The Status of the Jews in the Soviet Union??? ???Foreign Affairs??? January 1963
  • Eckstein, Jerome, ???The Fall and Rise of Man??? (typescript)
  • Fishman, W.J., ???Rudolf Rocker: Anarchist Missionary (1873-1958) ???History Today??? Jan. 1966
  • Gefen, Mark, ???Jews in Russian: Census Facts and Figures???
  • Gevaryahu, Chaim, ???2500 Years of Shivat Zion from Babylon??? (Yiddish) ???De Goldene Kiet???
  • Goldhurst, William, ???My Father, Harry Golden???, ???Midstream??? June-July 1969
  • Goldshmidt, Samuel, ???Half a Million Jews in the Haze??? (Hebrew) The World Jewish Congress, 1966
  • Goran, Morris, ???The Jew in America??? (typescript)
  • Halpern, Ben ???Nachman Syrikin??? ???Jewish Frontier??? September 1963
  • Hapstein, Bracha, Article on Bialik (Yiddish)
  • Heiman, Leo, ???We Fought for Ukraine! ??? The Story of Jews with the UPA??? ???The Ukrainian Quarterly??? Spring 1969
  • Heineman, Isaac, ???Taamei Hamitzvot besifrut Yisrael???, book review on Heineman???s 2 volume history
  • ???Jewish Digest??? January 1941, Vol. 1, No. 4
  • ???Jewish Heritage??? Winter 1961-1962 (B???nai B???rith, Adult Jewish Education)
  • ???Jewish Heritage??? Summer 1965
  • Klein, Isaac, ???The Law ??? A Conservative View???


  • ???Kol haAm??? ??? Israel at Peace??? February 1973, Organ of the Communist Party of Israel MAKI


  • Konvitz, Milton R., ???Zionism: homecoming or Homelessness??? ???Judaism, A Quarterly Journal???


  • Kreitman, Benjamin Z., ???Toward a Creative Halachah??? ???Conservative Judaism??? Vol. 22, No. 1, 1967


  • Lamm, Norman, ???Modern Orthodoxy???s Identity Crisis??? ???Jewish Life??? May-June 1969

???The Second Days???, June 1969

  • Lazar, Chaya, ???20 years of Statehood??? (Hebrew)
  • Leon, Dan, ???Prof. Levy and the Jewish Problem???
  • Laub, Morris, ???Maimonides on War and Peace (with special application to Vietnam) (typescript)
  • Levin-Shatskes, ???Bolshevism ??? 75 years??? (Yiddish) ???Der Werker??? November 1950
  • Lieberman, Joshua, ???Tentative Outline of an Educational Plan for American Jewish Children??? submitted to the Commission on New Approaches to American Jewish Education (typescript)
  • Mahler, Raphael, ???Whom Hitler Would Destroy??? (typescript, The Black Book)
  • Miesel, Nachman, ???Dr. Israel Zinberg??? (Yiddish)
  • Miklishanski, Y. K. ???The Musar Literature??? (Yiddish) ???Zukunft???


66. Literary work by others N-Z

  • Myrim, Ben M. ???Design for Destiny??? ???United Synagogue Brief??? 1965
  • ???Poland of Today???, Volume 2, Numbers 3, 4, March-April 1947
  • Neuweld, Mark, ???The Latest Soviet Census & the Jews??? ???Commentary??? (1960?)
  • Rackman, Emanuel, ???A Challenge to Orthodoxy???
  • Richards, Bernard G., ??? A Jewish Memorial Library??? ???Congress BI-Weekly??? Volume 28, No.16, November 1961
  • Rothenberg, Joshua, ???The World of Yiddish???, Bulletin #3, The Congress for Jewish Culture and The Aaron Fishman Foundation for Yiddish Culture, Winter 1970
  • Rosenberg, Bertram, A. ???Our Road Back??? (typescript)
  • Schulweis, Harold M., ???After the Trial ??? What???? (typescript)
  • Shaalyobski, Moshe Yodel, ???Feige- Feigenin??? (Yiddish)
  • Shacar, Bezalel, ???Hevra Ovedet Velomedet??? (Hebrew) ???Baderech???
  • Shapiro, Nathaniel, ???How Psychamalysts Get That Way!??? (typescript, maybe BZG?)
  • Siegal, Seymour, ???Abraham Joshua Heschel???s Contributions to Jewish Scholarship??? ???The Rabbinical Assembly??? 1968
  • Singer, L. ???The Renewed People (nation)??? (book in Yiddish) Moscow, 1941 (facts on the Jews in the USSR)
  • Strofoff, M. Frank, ???Jewish Idioms??? (typescript) 1964
  • Szpetman, Sz. ???Ideas for Passover, Lag Baomer and Shavuoth??? (Yiddish) April 1955
  • Tief, Moshe, ???Shir Hashirim??? (Yiddish)
  • Ungerfeld, Moshe, ???Letters from Echad haAm to Bialik??? (Hebrew)
  • ???USA- USSR ??? Partners for Peace??? A selection of the leading addresses delivered at the American Soviet Friendship Rally in Madison Square Garden, The Red Army Day Celebration and International Women???s Day Broadcast 1944-1945
  • ???Vilner Pinkas???, Periodical Review for Current Social and Cultural Affairs of Vilna-Jews the World Over, and for the History of Yerusholayim Delito, Ed. M Karpinovitz , Volumes 1-5
  • Waife, Marie, ???One Mad Night??? (typescript)
  • Weinshell, Aryeh, ???Reshimot Historiot??? (Hebrew)
  • Weiss-Rosmarin, Trude, ???The Agony of the Agunah??? ???Conservative Judaism???, Vol. 20, No. 1, 1965
  • Weiss-Rosmarin, Trude, ???Toward Jewish-Muslim Dialogue??? ???The Jewish Spectator??? September 1967
  • Wesler, Mary (pseudonym) ???Leppy and the Jardiniere??? (typescript)
  • Zambrowsky, S.M., Address delivered at Zionist Congress, Jerusalem, December 1964
  • Short story (untitled, maybe BZG?)

Special files (67-71)


67. Topical files


  • Material on Baruch de Spinoza
  • Material on Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Material on the Marquis de Sade (maybe as part of material collected for ???The Sacred Fire???)
  • Material on Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
  • Material (articles and clippings) on the Jews in the USA
  • General material on Jews (articles and clippings)
  • Material (mainly clippings) on the Church during World War II (1941-1947)
  • Lectures in Psychology, prepared by Goldberg for course at the Jewish Teachers Seminary (1920)



68. Holocaust (documents, testimonies)


* Natanblut, A. (Sweden)

  • Correspondence with J. Rodinov and ???Liesma??? magazine in Latvia about war atrocities of Edmund Mach
  • Schellenberg, Wilhelm, testimonies of war criminals
  • Schorr, Markus, testimony on the Nazi occupation of Poland
  • Displaced Persons ??? relatives search after WWII
  • J. Baron, letter to Viking Press about H. Arendt???s book ???Eichman in Jerusalem???
  • Elbinger, Bernard, documents in English and Polish and declaration of Czeslaw Ickowicz on Latala Fanciszek, who was the chief of the local police in Brzesko Nowe, Poland


(See also correspondence with Yona Radinow, Riga, in Alphabetical correspondence)


69 Jewish Antifascist Committee in the USSR, American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and

Scientists, Inc.


70.Soviet Union


  • Soviet Yiddish literature (Yiddish)
  • Russian poems by Jewish poets
  • Material on Birobidjan (American Birobidjan Committee), including photo album (AMBIDJAN)
  • Material on Birobidjan (American Birobidjan Committee )(AMBIDJAN)
  • Friends of Birobidjan, Capetown
  • Newspaper clippings on Birobidjan
  • Telegrams by B.Z. Goldberg from Birobidjan (1934)
  • B.Z. Goldberg???s articles from USSR visit (1934)
  • Schedule of trip, mainly to the USSR
  • Interview with Genadi Tarachov (1964) (Yiddish)
  • Russian Famine Pamphlet (published by Friends of Soviet Russia)
  • B.Z. Goldberg???s telegrams from the Soviet Union
  • B.Z. Goldberg???s telegrams from the Soviet Union (1946)
  • B.Z. Goldberg???s trip to Europe and Palestine (1946), letters in Russian were transferred to ???Russian??? file.
  • B. Z. Goldberg???s trip to Europe and Palestine (1946), letters in Russian were transferred to ???Russian??? file. Letters of Mitchell Waife, B.Z. Goldberg???s son, were transferred to ???Personal??? files (check!)


71. Various


  • B.Z. Goldberg tour in South America
  • Clippings on B.Z.Goldberg, mainly South American Jewish journals
  • Summary of lecture of Rev. Francis W. Anderson at a meeting of the cardinal???s coordinating committee, N. Y. City. (Anti Semitism)
  • Divorce Certificate given to Moshe Ben Yaacov Shmuel Stavsky (Hebrew) 1913, Signed by Rabbi A. I. Kuck
  • Report on the Zionist movement in Bulgaria (40???s)
  • Dedications to B.Z.Goldberg
  • Dispute with William Zukerman (???Jewish Newsletter???)
  • Dispute with Chaim Liberman
  • Letter to Beba Idelson
  • Original caricatures by Joseph Rosenberg (???Ross???) of Israeli politicians (1946)


72. Personal matters


  • Curriculum Vitae (biography), probably from the 40???s
  • Curriculum Vitae, 1947
  • Curriculum Vitae, probably 60???s
  • A few letters to Mrs. S. Rabinowitz (Olga Rabinowitz), Mrs. Shalom Aleichem
  • Power of Attorney to to Benjamin Waife on behalf of Marie Waife Goldberg and Sarah Lila Kaufman. (On the writings of Shalom Aleichem)
  • Correspondence with Marie Waife Goldberg, upon the publication of her autobiography (for more, check "Shalom Aleichem??? material)
  • Telegram from Mickey (Mitchell) 1947
  • Letter from Mickey (Mitchell) 1946
  • ???First Institute on Administration of Homes for the Aged, New Construction and Expansion Programs??? Mitchell Waife, 1962
  • A few letters from Mitchell Waife, 1969
  • Letters from grandson Robert (son of Mitchell), speech by B. Z. Goldberg for Robert???s Bar Mitsvah, letters and pictures from the family
  • Letter from Adele Waife (wife of Mitchell)
  • Two letters from Shalom Waife, 1968
  • Letters from grandaughter Wendy (daughter of Shalom), and from Shalom
  • Letters from grandson Ron (son of Shalom)
  • B.Z. Goldberg speech at 50???th wedding anniversary
  • Letter to Anna Goldberg
  • Letters from Miriam (?) and Sara (?)
  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations (check!)
  • Invitations
  • Cards
  • Health matters
  • Invoices ??? Readers Committee
  • Taxes and Royalties
  • Bills
  • JWB Lecture Bureau ??? fees
  • Invoices and lecture fees
  • Internal Revenue Service ??? letter (1946)
  • Correspondence with Herman Chiaramonte, on real estate matters
  • Correspondence with Herman Chiaramonte on real estate matters
  • Application for Area Studies grant (1962)
  • Bureau of customs (1946)
  • Baggage declaration and cable from Teheran (1959)
  • Travel documents (Palestine press card, House of Commons visitor card etc.
  • Columbia University Report of Standing (Psychology course) (1925-1926)
  • B.Z. Goldberg MA Thesis ???Individual Tendencies in Judgement??? June 1919 (Columbia University)
  • Clippings on B.Z.Goldberg Testimonial Dinner 1964
  • Lawsuits
  • Upon starting to write in ???The Eagle??? (1932)
  • Farewell party to Goldberg (1946)
  • 40???th anniversary of Goldberg???s column in ???The Day??? (November, 1964)


73. Clippings of Goldberg???s daily column in ???The Day ??? Jewish Journal???. Including handwritten notes, typescripts and published clippings. Check also files 33-38, 45 and 59 (newspaper clippings album). The material is not organized.


74. Newspaper clippings (large container): contains mainly unsorted newspaper clippings. A large collection of the USSR and Soviet Jewry. Also newspaper clippings on Goldberg


75. Material in Russian. Including letters, newpaper clippings, brochures etc. in Russian.

76. Press releases, news letters

77. Photographs, prints, ephemera. Posters were transferred to B.Z. Goldberg poster collection. Oversized material was transferred to oversized material box.


Oversized material box contains: 1. Album of photographs from the Shalom Aleichem Ort Jewish School in Wroclaw, Poland, dedicated to B.Z. Goldberg and his wife upon their visit in the school. The album dates to 5/24/1959 (Yiddish)

2. Poster of the Shalom Aleichem Centennial celebration in Leningrad, from 1959. (Russian)





  • Photograph of members of the Jewish Antifascist Committee members (check: difference in members between original photograph and book publicity photograph)
  • Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg with their son in military uniform, with Feffer and Mikhoel???s (?) near Shalom Aleicem???s grave
  • Photograph of the Levy family (?) from Sefron, Morocco
  • Photograph of Kibbutz Gan Shmuel
  • Two photographs, women and child (Moscow 1946) (check!)
  • Photograph of Shulamith Kacizne, photograph of Peretz Markish, Moshe Broderson and
    and Alter Kacizne; photograph of Alter Kacizne with wife Hanna and daughter Shulamith
  • Four photographs of people (?), from Goldberg???s 1946 trip to eastern Europe
  • Family (?) photograph from 1918
  • Photograph of staff of Jewish school in Vilna (1946)
  • Photographs of B.Z. Goldberg
  • Four photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg???s visit to Oholei Torah Day School (Miami Beach, Florida, 1970)
  • Four photographs of public buildings in Beersheba, Israel (The R. S. Reynolds Memorial Award for Community Architecture) (one of the photographed is covered with a phost of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem M. Schneerson, placing a crown on a Sefer Torah, see next item)
  • Photographs of acrowd hearing the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson at Lubavitch headquarters in New York on the twentieth anniversary of his leadership of the movement; Lubavitch stand in book fair
  • Photograph of memorial (graves?) of Y. L. Peretz, Y., Y. Rinzan (?) and Sh. Anski
  • Four postcards from Iran
  • Photgraph of a man (Chinese, Japanese?), taken by Suganuma Photo studio
  • Postcard of 2 Yemenite children, from Palestine (printed in Czechoslovakia)
  • Photograph of ancient structure (the Middle East?tomb?)
  • Photo caption: rare vellum edition of Avicenn???s Canon of Medicine, medical work of the Middle Ages, acquired by the Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
  • Photograph of town (Europe?)
  • Photograph of statues (Trumpeldor?); unidentified portrait
  • Postcard of a women (title in Hungarian, Budapest)
  • Photograph of a group of soldiers (?) on horses with British officer (?)
  • Photograph of family (?), 6.21.1958
  • Photograph (?) British soldiers (?)




  • Yisaschar Beer Ribak, 23 prints of pictures (1917-1919)
  • Prints of B.Z. Goldberg (portrait)
  • Prints of etching, Clara Skinner; print of etching, Indian (?) women praying
  • Prints, photographs for ???The Sacred Fire???




  • Borchure of the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee
  • Beersheva, Facts and Figures
  • Brochure (in Hebrew) about Raanana (1954)
  • Napkins for Passsover
  • Travel brochures
  • Niv, brochure of girls??? orphanage in Jerusalem (in Hebrew) 1959
  • Brochures on honey bees (?)
  • Brochures on Israel 15
  • Negative (probably from the encyclopedia) on Zeiri Zion
  • Calender sheets; protest against Anti-religious Persecution in Israel
  • The Afro-Asian Institute for Labour Studies and cooperation (Israel), list of study material 1965
  • The Institute for Sex Research, brochure
  • Copy of the Gettysburg address
  • The Guardian: a Tribune for Torah and Loyal Judaism (1958) (The Guardians of Orthodoxy, CA)
  • New York Young Republicans for Nixon and Lodge: ???What kind of Man is Kennedy????
  • The department of culture and education, the Histadruth, Haifa
  • ???The Minority of One???, Vol. 1, No. 1, M. S. Arnoni
  • The department of education and culture of the Jewish Agency, training workshop announcement 1963
  • Empty envelopes
  • Plates cuts, ???The Day???

78. Notes (large container)

Alphabetical correspondence

79. Letter ???A??? (A-Antanovsky)


Abramovitch, Avraham

Album, Abraham

Ackerman, Emma

Abramovitch, Ephriam

American Field

Adelson, Harry




Association pr- Judio ??? casa Simon Donow

Atomansky, Lipa

American Baptist Convention

Agulnik, A.B.

Appelblatt, Mordecai

Arieh, Moshe

Adison, Jack

Associated Legislation

Athoff, Beky

Alin, A.A.

Altman, L

Aron, William

Anikster Benevolent

Austrein, W.M.

Artman, A.

Altman, G.

Abramovitz, J.

Aronson, Harry

Art School Alumini (Moses Soyer)

American Express Co.

Allied Artists

American Federation for Polish Jews

American Jewish Cultural Conference

Anti Nazi League

Asirai Zion Fund

Astron, A.

Ayin B???Ayin

Appelbaum, Charles

America-Israel Culture House

Alveltlacher Yiddishe Culture Congress

Australian Consolidated Press

Ackerman, M.

Agit, Y.

Apter, S.

Auerbachl, R.

Astrauer, A.

Ausculre, Nathan

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Adler, Miguel

Aronson, Joseph

American Trade Union Council

American Jewish Labor Council

American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel

Akzin, Benjamin

Americans for Hagannah

Alliluyeva, Svetlana

Amir, Levi

Ailin, M.

American Russian Institute

Ausfrener, A.

Antelman, Harry

Alback, K,

Aronoff, Jacob


  • Abrams, W.
  • Achmatovski
  • Adashko, David
  • Apter, Shimshon
  • Agus, Jacob B.
  • Al Hamishmar: including correspondence with Mark Geffen, Y. Rabi, Jacob Amit. For correspondence with Mordecai Halamish, Bonem Heller, D. Hanegbi, check under their names
  • Allen, Isaac
  • Aley, Ruth
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Association for Jewish Education
  • American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists. Check also under special files
  • American Committee for Yugoslav Relief
  • American Histadrut Cultural Exhange Institute
  • American Jewish Archives
  • American Jewish Committee
  • American Jewish Congress
  • American Jewish Historical Society
  • American Zionist Council
  • Americans for Progressive Israel, Hashomer Hatzair
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Zionist Emergency Council
  • Amiat, Israel
  • Anti Semitic leaflets
  • Antanovsky, Isaac


80. Letter ???A??? (Apotikai-Associated Legislative Rabbinate of America)

  • Apotikai, Jacob
  • Arfa, Jennie Nusskern (American Jews active for Soviet Jewry)
  • Aronson, Isar
  • Author???s Guild
  • Asen, Abraham
  • Authors League of America
  • Associacao Feminina Isr.- Brasileira ???Vita Kempner???
  • Associated Legislative Rabbinate of America

81. Letter ???B??? (Baltimore Jewish Ukranian Committee ??? Bienstock, Victor)



B???nei Akiba of North America

Badash, M.S.


Bagnes, J.

Baka, Jack

Baker, Julian

Baker, Julius


Balka, S.

Balka, S.R.

Baltimore Hebrew College and Teachers Training School

Balzer, Philip


Banish, A.

Barachks, Isaac

Bareket, Y.


Barkai, B.A.

Barkman, Ch.

Barlis, L.

Baron, Dov N.

Baron, Michael

Baron, Y.

Bartinoff, M.

Basch,l Ludwig

Bassin, M.

Batushanskyl, S.

Baum, Chaim

Baumel, Miriam

Bayer, Joseph

Beck Riva

Beck, Samuel

Becker, J.

Behrman House Inc

Beit Rachel Shul D???satmer

Bekritsky, Morris

Belkin, Abby

Belkin, T.M

Belkin, T.M. (*)

Bell, Joshua

Ben Ami, R.

Ben Baruch

Ben Baruch, H.

Ben David, Meir

Ben Elazar

Ben Israel

Ben Israel, David

Ben Israel, hanan

Ben Mila Hilary

Ben Reuven, L.

Ben Sasson, J.

Ben Shalom, B.

Ben Yacov

Ben Yosef, Asher

Ben Yosef, Z.

Ben Zakai, Sh.

Ben Zakai, Simcha Boren

Ben Zeev

Ben Zion

Ben Zvi

Ben, Reuven

Berber, Chaim

Berger, Isaac

Berglas, Bernard

Bergman, Abraham

Bergman, Bernard

Berkowitz, A.L.

Berkowitz, William

Berlin, N.P.

Berman, Bea

Berman, Herold

Berman, L. (*)

Berman, Lev


Bernstein, M.

Bernstein, Max

Bernstein, Simon

Berstein, A.

Berstein, Louis

Berstein, Simon

Berstein, Y.

Berstein, Yitshak

Bessarabian Federation of American Jews

Beth Rivkah

Beth Torah Congregation


Bick, Y

Biderman, Shlomo

Bigelman, Moses

Biker, Yehuda

Bilgorber, R.

Bill of Rights Conference

Binder, Samuel

Birger, A.

Black, Meir Zvi

Blank, N.

Blasbalg, Aaron

Blaubarb, Jacob

Bleiman, Judah

Blidstein, A.D

Bloch Chaim (*)

Bloch Publishing co.

Bloch, Chaim (*)

Bloch, Joshua (*file)

Bloom, Harry

Bloom, Herbert

Bloom, Isaac

Bloom, Jacob

Bloom, Samuel

Bloufourb, J.

Blumberg, F.

Boltkin, B.A.B

Boodsenboim, Michael

Book, Philip

Borestein, J.

Bornstein, Isaac

Borstein, Esther

Boruchwicz, Moses

Bosch, Benny

Botener, David

Boxbaum, Y.

Boxenbaum, L.

Brandeis camp Inst

Brasburg, Moses

Bratt, A.


Brecher, Harry

Breitel, J.B.

Bressler, A.

Brett, L.

Bridge, Rebecca


Brith Trumpeldor

Broadway Association

Brodsky, Boris

Brogh, Joe

Bronzaft, Bertram

Brookly Hebrew home and Hostpital

Broshi, Z.

Brown, Ephraim

Brusilow, Nathan

Budish, Y.M

Bulawko, H.

Bura, Simon

Burka, Rifka

Schenkelbach, J.

The Bible Readers


  • Baltimore Jewish Ukrainian Committee
  • Bar Ilan University
  • Bar-Yehuda, Israel
  • Baron, Yona
  • Baron, Salo W.
  • Barkan, N.
  • Barzilai, Y.
  • Bat Yosef, Zipora
  • Bear, Abraham
  • Beekman, G.
  • Beckelstock, Melech
  • Ben Hillel, A.
  • Bear, Jacob B.
  • Benjamin, Ben
  • Bentov
  • Ben-Yosef, Avraham C.
  • Bergelson, D.
  • Berger, Abraham
  • Berkowitz, Isaac Dob (Letters and newspaper clippings on him; family photograph, 1928. For additional material check Sholem Aleichem files)
  • Bialostotzky, B. J.
  • Bible Students Congregation of New Brunswick
  • Bick, Abraham
  • Bikel, Theodore
  • Bienstock, Victor


82. Letter ???B??? (Blatter-Bureau of Jewish Education)


  • Blatter, Benjamin
  • Bloch, Chaim (check also under ???miscellaneous???)
  • Bloch, Joshua
  • Blumenfeld, Meyer
  • Bluestone, E.M. (Ephraim Michael)
  • Bluestone, Harry
  • Blusestone, Zvi
  • B???nai B???rith Hillel Foundations (including Anti-Defamation League)
  • B???nai Jeshuron
  • Bokser, Ben Zion
  • Brisk, Daniel
  • Bronx High School of Science
  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle
  • Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers of America
  • Brainin, Joseph
  • Bryks, Rachmil
  • Bureau of Jewish Education


83. Letter ???C??? (Cang-Cutters)




???Churban Liteh???

Cahan, B.N.

Canalizo, L.J.

Candelaria, Joseph

Cantor, B.

Caplan, Israel

Carmeli, M.S.

Carson, Saul

Casa cultural Israelita Brazileira

Case, Clifford

Casper, George

Center of European Rabbis in America

Centro Cultural Escula Laica Israelita

Centro Israelita do Cuba

Centro Social Y Culture ???Israel???

Chaikin, Abraham

Chalfin, Anna

Chanin, Y.

Chanitz, M.

Chapnik, M.

Chayet, B.L.

Chneour, S.

Christian News from Israel

Ciechanowiccz, Isaac

Circulo de Bellas Artes

Clarfield, A.

Clisci, Levi

Cogan, N.

Cohen, A.

Cohen, Albert

Cohen, B.E.

Cohen, George D.

Cohen, Hershel

Cohen, Israel

Cohen, Israel (*)

Cohen, K.

Cohen, N.

Cohen, Ray

Cohen, Sam

Cohen, Seymour

Comitat fur Yiddisher Culture

Comite Unido de Tribuna Israelita

Comite??? Juif d???Action Centre de reamenent Allemand

Comite??? pro Edificio Propio


Committee for the Implementation of Standardized Yiddish Orthodoxy

Committee for Yiddish in High Schools

Coneria, A.M

Conference Europeane de la Culture Juive

Congregation ???Chasside Belz???

Congregation and Talmud Tora

Congregation Beth Hamidrash Hagadol

Congregation Shaarey Tefila

Congregation Shaari Israel

Connecticut, Bridgeport, Jewish Community Center

Consistoire Central des Juifs Bulgarie

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science

Cooper, Jerry

Cooper, John

Cooper, M.

Coplon, Jacob

Cornell University

Coslov, David

Cosow, Pauline

Cramer, E.

Cuban Consul


  • Cang, Joel
  • Caspe, Ab.
  • Cedars of Lebanon Hospital (The case of di9smissalof three doctors, Committee for Medical Freedom)
  • Centre de Documentation Juive Contemporaine
  • Charney, Daniel
  • Chiel, Arthur A.
  • Christenson, Cornelia L.
  • Cogan, Meir
  • Cohen, Kenneth M.
  • Cohen, Yosel
  • Colegio Israelita de Mexico
  • Columbia University
  • Communist Party of Israel
  • Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany
  • Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews
  • Colban, Frances
  • Crown Publishers
  • Cutters Rank and File Campaign Committee


84. Letter ???D??? (Dagan-Dvorkin)




Davidowitz, Mandel

Djukel, M.

Daixel, Sheen

Dzanvski, A.

Dickter, Benjamin

Drucker, Eli

Danet, B.Z.

Dumoff, S.

Dunetz, Max

Di-Nur, Yehiel

Datwin, F.

Datnoff, Myron

Diamant, Laurel

Dentscher, Oscar

Daily worker

Davidson, S. (*)

Silver, Eliezer

Diskin orphan

Deutsch, Stephan

Devorick, Harold

Dalgin, Moshe

Dirlicht, C.

Dennis, Peggy

Dobekirer, J.

Davidson, S.

Dubinsky, H.

Daily Worker

Davis, A.

Diakan, Jacob

Daily, Herald

Dyen, Samuel

Doroshkin, Jacob

Dreksler, Shlomo (Derech)

De Hirsh, David

Davis, Nathan

Dasowitz, J.

Dubin M.


  • Dagan, Eliezer
  • Danziger, Shlomo Eliezer
  • Davis, Nathan S.
  • ???The Day???
  • Decter, Moshe
  • Darin, Eliezer
  • Deyan, Mordecai
  • Drazin, Nathan
  • Dobekirer, Jechil M.
  • Dreman, Victor
  • Dropsie University
  • Drori, Abraham
  • Dvorkin, Meir


85. Letter ???E??? (Edlin-Erstein)




Edelman, Jacob

Erdfarb, Berl

Einhorn, Joseph

Eisenbach, Shalom

Edlin, Max

Eisenberg, Harry B.

Einhorn, R.A.

Englander, Abe

Elberg, Yehuda

Einbach, Samuel

Engel, Samuel

Egit, Jakub

Elpan, J.

Eisenstadt, Samuel

Eichenstein, S.

Elshakar, F.

Eirbach, Ephriam

Egyptian Embassy

Epstein, Alter

Editorial Candelabro

Edelman, Pinchas

Emiat, Yisrael

Edelman, Nachum

Emergency Committee

Eberlin, A.

Eiland, C



Esrig, Harry

Eisenberg, A.

Ehrlich, Ruth

Essrog, Chaim I.


  • Edlin, Moshe
  • The Educational Alliance
  • Edelmanl, Lily
  • Eilat, Eliyahu
  • Eisenberg, Zvi Hirsh
  • Eisner, Philip
  • Elbein, J.L.
  • Eliav, Benjamin
  • Elefant, Joseph
  • Emergency Committee to save the Jewish People of Europe
  • Epstein, Benesh
  • Erdberg, Samson
  • Erstein, Jeremiah


86. Letter ???F??? (Farband-Furmansky)




Fell, Bernard

Falan, Ephriam (*)

Freie Arbeiter Stimme (*)

Frankel, L.

Frenkel, A.

Fox, F.

Friedman, Sylvia

Feinberg, M.

Furst, Max

Fraydman, Jacob

Fraum, H.

Friedberg, Mayshie

Feldman, R.

Fier Fratesh, Rafael

Footner Fas

Friedman, Y.F.

Frolok, Hershel

Feiges, David

Foxman, Avraham

Forans, Hirsh

Fruchter, J.

Frank, Zisel

Friedman, S.

Frankel, B.

Friedman, J.

Flinker, David (Check under Plinker)

Fienstok, Michael

Forman, B.E.

Faur, A.

Frshanski, Sam

Freundlich, Charles

Forsite, Sh.

Fein, S.F.

Free Israel

Foxman, Y.

Fagatz, Y.

Federation of Jewish Women

Furt, Charlie

Foner, Y.

Fazer, Oscar

Finestein, Pl

Fralin, David

Frumer, P

Friedman, C.

Flint, David

Feder, A.

Friedman, P.

Farber, Benjamin

Fried, Z.

Faber, Salomon

First Church of Christ

Friedman, M.

Feiler, J.

Friedman, J.P.

Frankel, M.

Friedman, Y.P.

Feinstein, L.

Faner, A.

Feuskin, Sam

Fogel, S.

Friendbloy, Yehuda

Fienberg, F.

Fast, Howard

Feinstein, Martin

Ginzberg-Friedman, C.

Tabachnik, K.A.

Fishman, Jacob

Federation of Jewish Workers Organization

Freedman, J.

Foran, Leo

Feldman, M.

Freiman, Samuel

Farband Culture Center

Farst, Malech

Feistein, Philip

Feisik, Arron Klein


Finkelstein, M.

Fisher, Moshe

Faller, James

Friedman, H.

Friedman, Nathan-Yalin

Freie Arbeiter Stimme

Fox, Joseph

Friedman, H.


, Oscar

Falan, Ephraim (*)

Fishbach, Y.A.


Frielich, Rachel

Fishlove, E.

Frauenglass, William

Finkel, Wolf

Freedman, B.

Freihof, Solomon B.

Felden-macher Yechiel

Furst, Max (*)

Fried, Moshe


  • Farband ??? Labor Zionist Order
  • The Federated Press
  • Federacion de Sociedades Residentes Israelitas en La Argentina
  • Federacion de Entitdades Culturales Judias en la Argentina (YKUF)
  • Fein, Isaac
  • Fenson, Melvin
  • Fialkow, Abraham
  • Fisherman, Nathan
  • Fink, Reuben
  • Finkelstein, Sadi
  • Finestok, Michael
  • Fishman, Samuel (check also under ???miscellaneous???)
  • Fogel, J.
  • Fogel, Joseph
  • Forand Bill
  • Foreign Correspondents Center
  • Frailer, Isaaque
  • Frankel, B.
  • Free Voice of Labor
  • Friedberg, H.L.
  • Friend, J.L.
  • Furmansky, Moshe


87. Letter ???G??? (Gabel-Guberek)





Al Gurio

Glicksman, W.

Gader Avot (*)

Galan Menachem

Galant, M.

Gallay, A.Y.

Galliln, M.

Galowitz, J.

Galpern, G.

Galter, David J.


Gant, A.


Garb, Gedalya

Garbar, Sh.

Garber, M.A.

Gardin, S.Y.

Geder Avot

Geiber, D.

Genen, Sol

Genn, J.

Gerbert, S.

German, Louis

Gershman, Y.

Gerson, L.

Gerstein, Israel

Gewirtz, Haskell


Gilner, E.

Gilston, D.

Ginzberg, Yekutiel

Gitelson, J.

Gittein, Lazar


Glantz, A.

Glaser, L.

Glaser, S.



Glastak, Y.

Glatt, Herman A.

Glattman, Chaim

Glauberman, I.

Glick, A.

Glosser, Sam

Gold, A.

Gold, Herman

Gold, M.

Gold, P.

Gold, Y.A.

Goldberg, A.

Goldberg, B.

Goldberg, Barry

Goldberg, C.E.

Goldberg, D.

Goldberg, David

Goldberg, Fred

Goldberg, J

Goldberg, Mayer

Goldberg, N.

Goldberg, Sonia

Goldbloom, Allen

Golden, Harry

Goldfarb, Shlomo

Goldfinger, (Jewish News Service)

Goldman, Avraham

Goldman, C.

Goldman, C.

Goldman, Ch.

Goldman, M.

Goldsmith, Y.

Goldstein, Chaim

Goldstein, Charles

Goldstein, Itamar

Goldstein, M.

Goldstein, Mordecai

Goldstein, S.

Goldstein, Y.

Goldstick, I. (*)

Goldvaser, L.

Golinkin, Noah

Gollancz, V.

Golman, Elazar

Golob, M.\

Golob, Meyer

Golov, Philip

Golumb, A.

Golumb, R.


Gora, Jacob

Gordon, Aryeh Leib

Gordon, B.

Gordon, J.

Gordon, L.

Gorstein, H.

Gotlinsky, Jacob

Gottesman, A.L.

Gottesman, B.

Gottlieb, Isaac

Gottlieb, Morris


Grader, Israel

Grass, M.

Green David

Green, J.

Green, Lipa

Green, M.

Green, Zalman

Greenberg, Benjamin

Greenberg, C.

Greenberg, E.

Greenberg, J.

Greenberg, S.

Greenberg, S.

Greenberg, S.

Greenberg,, Samuel

Greenblatt, A.

Greenglass, H.

Greengoltz, L.

Greenstein, Zvi

Greenstone, R.

Grill, A.

Gris, A.H.

Groser, Chaim

Grosssberg, P.

Grosswald, E.

Grove Press

Gruber, L.

Grynberg, S.

Guffan, Samuel

Guterman, Z.

Gutt, A.

Guttman, Herman


  • Gabel, Jacob L.
  • Galili, Yehezkel
  • Garfinkel, S.Z.
  • Geffen, Mark (check also ???Al Hamishmar???)
  • Gilboa, J. A.
  • Ginasio Israelita Brasileiro Scholem Aleichem
  • Gindelman, Chaim
  • Ginzburg, B.
  • Glass, I. Y.
  • Goldberg, Sydney
  • Goldenberg, Eliyahu
  • Goldstein, Israel
  • Goldstein, Meir
  • Goldstick, Isidore
  • Goodman, A. J.
  • Gordis, Robert
  • Gordon, Lyndall
  • Gopstein, Aliza
  • Grader, J.
  • Gratz College
  • Gray, Oscar S.
  • Greenberg, Harry
  • Greenberg, Jacob
  • Greenberg, Samuel
  • Greenbloom
  • Gropman, Ben
  • Guberek, Simon (Columbia, 2 files!)


88. Letter ???H??? (Hadassah-Hyman)





Harris, John

Hyman, Nathan

Hechalutz farm

Halperin, Max

Hebrew Union College (*)

Hebrew Teacher???s Union

Harris,m A

Hirsch, Max

Helfgut, M.(*)

Hagi, Joseph

Herman, Zvi

Hoffman, Isidore

Heines, Sydney

Hertz, W.

Hendler, Abraham

Henkin, Lazar

Hacohen, Moshe Ben Yaacov Smuel


Hagar, Meir (*)

Halperin, Irving

Hebrew Educational Society

Hauer, Benjamim

Hahneman Medical College


Hirsh, Eliyahu

Hebrew Theological Seminary

Hershkowitz, H.

Helphgot, Moses (*)

Horn, Philip


  • Hadassah
  • ???Hadoar???
  • Halamish, Mordecai (Check also under ???Al Hamishmar???)
  • Hambar, P. S.
  • Hanegbi, D. (Check also under Kanana U., ???Al Hamishmar???, Hochberg, H.)
  • Harman, Hyman
  • Hashomer Hatzair ??? Progressive Israel
  • Hassid, William
  • Hebrew Committee of National Liberation
  • Helfand, S.
  • Heller, Bonem (Check also under ???Al Hamishmar???)
  • Heller, Samuel
  • Herbert, L. M.
  • Hershfield, Nathan
  • Hertz, M.
  • Herzl Institute
  • Histadruth Ivrith of America
  • Hochberg, Hanna
  • Hoffman, Morris
  • Holzman, M.
  • Horowitz, Naftali
  • Hyman, Irwin I.


89. Letter ???I??? (???Ihud???-Israel)


  • Friends of ???Ihud??? in America
  • Iceland, Reuben
  • Indiana University
  • Instituto Israelita Brasileiro de Cultura e Educacao
  • Institute of Jewish Affairs
  • Insstitute for Religious and Social Studies
  • Institute for Yiddish Lexicology
  • Instituto Popular Israelita de Cultura e Educacao
  • Internal Security Act of 1950 (McCarren Act) (Communist Party of the USA v. Subversive Activities Control Board
  • International Ladies Garment Workers??? Union
  • ISPA (Michoelis)
  • Stae of Israel, various


90. Letter ???J??? (Jacobs-Jewish)


  • Jacobs, Arthur L.
  • Jacobs, Fannie
  • Jacobovitch, Marcos
  • Jaffe, Harry
  • Dr. Jansen and the Board of Education: atttacks on a few school teachers alleged to being Communists
  • Jarrolds Publishers
  • Miscellaneous: Jewish organizations
  • Jewish Book Council of America
  • Jewish Agency ??? American Section
  • Jewish Center Lecture Bureau
  • Jewish Chronicle Feature & News Service
  • Jewish Community Centers
  • Jewish Conciliation Board of America
  • Jewish Culture Organization of Philadelphia
  • Jewish Education Committee of New York
  • Jewish Labor Committee
  • Jewish Music Alliance
  • Jewish National Fund ??? Labor Department
  • Jewish Publication Society of America
  • Jewish Teachers Seminary and People???s University
  • Jewish Theological Seminary of America
  • Jewish Theological Seminary of America ??? The Melton Research Center
  • ???The Jewish Week???
  • Jewish Welfare Fund of Winnipeg


91. Letter ???K??? (Kabrin-Krugly)




Klapshtick, Asher


Kahn, Sholom J.

Kahn, Solomon (*)

Kahn, Z.

Kaliver, N.

Kalmus, Morris A.

Kamaker, Jack

Kaplan Yehuda (*)

Kaplan, Aaron

Kaplan, Shapsel (*)

Karp, J.

Katz, Azriel

Katz, Harry

Katz, Samuel

Keilis, H.

Kelmer, Moshe

Kenitz, A.


Khrushchev, Nikita

Kibbutz Aliya Daled

Kimmell, Meyer

Kindman-Mustel, Sarah

Kirschner, Sam

Kirshblum, Usher (*)

Kirshenbaum, David

Klazman, Max

Klein, A.

Kleinman, A.

Kleisman, Helen

Klienman, David

Kline, A.

Kliner, A.

Kluger, Syney

Kochubiyevsky, Borris L.

Koller, Israel B.

Kooperstein, Sam

Kopernikarz, H.

Koren, A.

Koslowsky, Nota

Krakaw, Abraham

Kurtz, Aaron

Kushner, Morr

Kusmetz, H.

Katsh, Abraham

Korman, David

Koster, Sam


Kahn, Saul

Kinell, Saul

Kraswo, Max

Kliger, J.

Krugli, Aaron (Check files)

Kuperblau, Lazer

Kushner, Benjamin

Kamaiko, Joseph L.

Katz, Ben

Kahshtalka, S.

Kaplan, Bella (*)

Koren, Abraham (*)

Keatzman, J.

Kredetor, R.

Kussman, L.

Kunin, E.

Kellman, J.

Kivelson, Meyer

Kline, Harold

Kanaf, B.

Krangel, M.S.

Kalman, Nadia

Kramer, A.

Klein, Z.

Kimchi, Y.

Kuperstein, Chaim

Krlovitch, Alter

Kunin, M.

Klingerman, J. M.

Korngold, S.

Kendall, Claude

Kalman, D.

Klanski J.

Keith, W.H.

Kaplan, Shapsal (*)

Kirshboum, Usher (*)

Kaplan, Jacob

Kressel, G.

Kaplan, Yehuda(*)

Kogut, David???

Kizer, Meir

Kahan, .

Korin, Nathan (*)

Kardiman, Shimshon


Kolodney, William

Kalisher Social Verein

Kaplan, Chaim

Kass Alvin

Kirshenbaum, A.

Kortchmar, Samuel

Kelman, Joseph

Krupitsky, Freda

Kolitz, Zvi

Keitman, Benjamin

Kahana, Kalman


Kimchi, David

Kaplan, B.

Kreindel, C.

Keitelman, H.


Katz, M.

Karnishov, I.



Kahana, Hazan Yaacov

Kaydym, I.J.

Kanyak, A.

Keller, Samuel M.

Kovalsky, Shalom Dor

Karp, Philip

Kahn, Arthur



  • Kabrin, Paul
  • Kahan, Salomon
  • Kahana, Tamara
  • Kahana, Uriel
  • Kaminska, Ida
  • Kaplan, Bella
  • Kaplan, Mordecai
  • Kaplan, Sam (including letter from Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh)
  • Karlibach, Azriel
  • Corona, Marcos (Korona, Mordecai)
  • Kashrut
  • Katz, Meinke
  • Katzinah (Reale), Shulamit (Sulamita)
  • Kaufman, Benjamin
  • Kowalsky, Sholem B.
  • ???Keeping Posted???
  • Keitelman, H.
  • Kelman, Wolfe
  • Keller, Leizer Leib
  • Keller, Walter
  • Kenig, Leah
  • Kenig, G.
  • Kilimnik, P.
  • Kirshenblatt, Moshe
  • Klein, J.
  • Klibanski, Isaac
  • Kling, Simcha
  • Klorfeld, H.
  • Kobrin, Nathan
  • Kosloff, Herman
  • Kosman, L.
  • Kol Korea ??? Jewish Chaplains in the American Army in Korea
  • Kolker, Samuel
  • Kreindel, Chaya
  • Krevoff, L.
  • Krugly, Aaron


92. Letter ???L??? (Lasavin-Lustig)




Littman, Leon

Lipsky, Louis (*)

Lifschitz, Bernard

Lifschitz, Hanna

Leidner, Brenda

Livni, Avraham

Levy (Rabbi)

Lerner (Brazil)

Labor Zionist Institute

Labor Zionist Assembly

Lifschitz, H.

Liga Popular Israelita de Mexico

Levin, Zalman

Levy, M.


Litvin, Baruch

Ligator, Isaac

Low, Leo

Leiberman, J.

Lastshinski, Esther

Luxenburg, Abe

Levine, Max (*)

Lazarson, Y.

Lasnick, W.

Lifschitz, Rachel

Leonbach, J.

Lesnick, Samuel

Liberman, E.

Leinonow Press

Levine, Elliot

Lubinsky, L

Lief, Chaim

Lashinsky, Harry

Lowenstein, Berthold

Lo, Belo

Library of Congress

Luster, William

Lieff, G.H.

Lamonte, C

Labiner, Joseph

Lazar, A.

Lifschitz, Chaya


Lacher, Bernard

Lerman, Harry

Libener, Raphael Halevi

Levin, P.

Lachman, J.A.

Levine, Louis

Levy, D.

Lookstein, Ezra

Lomsky, Sam

Labiner, G

Levine, Max (*)

Lustig, B.


Labiner, Sam

Levin, Sol

Liner, Isaac

Larke, Alfred

Levine, Joseph

Labor Zionist Institute (*)

Lerner, A.

Lichtman, R.

London, B.

Labor Zionist Organization of Pittsburgh

Leibman, Herman

Lipstadads, Deborah

Labov, C.

Lieberman, Saul

Lissaur, E.

Levinsohn, B.




Leowenbach, J.

Lewis, Benjamin

Lozir, a.

Lederman, I.

Levin, M.

Lerner, Saul (*)

Leibick, S.

Lubavitch, Moshe


Lifson, David

Lipschutz, Benjamin (*)

Lucati, Mehulam

Langzam, Isaac

Lifchitz, Y.

Lookstein, Yosef Chaim

Lachman, J.

Levin, M

Levin, Raphael

Lerman, H.

Lifchitz, Elimelech

Lebow, Abraham

Levine Max and Ruth (*)

Labor Zionist Organization of America

Lo Bello (*)

Labor Zionist Movement of Canada


Lehrman, Nathaniel

Levin, Saul

Lipshitz, Sam

Lioner, A.

Landel, Y.


Lebow, Abraham

Leinerman, Joseph

Lechter, A.

Levensohn, Lotta



  • Lasavin, L.
  • Laslett, Barbara
  • Laub, B.
  • League for Religious Freedom in Israel
  • Laderman, L.M.
  • Leibner, Raphael Halevi
  • Leo, Miriam
  • Leivick, H.
  • Leivick Kultur Center
  • Levit, M. (including letters from Moscow)
  • Leviant, Curt
  • Levin, A.
  • Levin, Shmuel
  • Levine, E.
  • Levitats, Isaac
  • Lichtig, I.
  • Lifschitz, Y.
  • Lipstadt, Deborah
  • Lis, A. (Beth Shalom Aleichem)
  • Living Books
  • Lokier, Saul
  • Lookstein, Joseph
  • Lubavitch (Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson)
  • Lurie, Zvi (Check also under ???Al Hamishmar???
  • Lustig, B.


93. Letter ???M??? (Madison-Morgenstern)



Macdowell Colony

Machliln, S.

Mackler, S.

Madison, Ca.

Madison, L.N.

Magadoff, Robert

Magil, A.B.

Mahler, Raphael (*)

Maimonides Institute

Maisel, Max N

Malach, L.P.

Malachi, A.R.

Malka, L

Maller, J.

Manchester, S.E.

Mandell, M.

Mann, Harry

Manson, Harold


Margaliot, B.Z.

Margaliot, M.

Margalit, H.

Margolis, S.

Markowitz, B.

Markowitz, M.

Markul, Keewatin

Marmor, Kalman

Massad camps

McGill Hillel Students Society

Medjuck, L.

Meizel, Nachman (*)

Melcer, U.


Melrod, M.


Mendelson, P.

Menkes, M.

Menorah, Shlomo

Merchav, Peretz

Merion, M.M.

Merion, Maurice

Messinger, M.

Michelman, Herbert

Michlin, Michael

Miller, Moshe

Miller, Simon (*)

Miller, Simon (*)

Milman, Sam

Milnur, L.

Minehan, Thomas


Mit Press


Monfried, Lazarus

Mordecai, B.

Mordecai, Israel

Mordecai, Saul

Mordecai, Sol

Morduchowitz, S..

Morgenstern, Bertha

Morgenstern, Jacob

Morning Freiheit Association

Morris, Moshe

Morris, Raphael Cohen

Moskowitz, M

Movin, Sol

Mundy, Shirley

Munk, Abraham

Munster, Moshe

Murray, Abraham

Murray, Abram Donald (*)

Muskin, Dora


  • Madison, Chaim
  • Mahler, Raphael
  • Malachi, A.R.
  • Mandel, Nathan M.
  • Mandrawiez, Y.
  • Mapam
  • Marshak, Harry
  • Mathisson, H.
  • May, Morris
  • Mayer, D.
  • Mayerson, B.
  • McLernan (comments on her essay on the Holocaus)
  • Meisel, Nachman (Check also under Yiddisher Kultur Farband)
  • Melnick, Beatrice
  • Menashe Unger Book Committee
  • Mendelson, Harry
  • Mendez, Toni
  • Meyers, J
  • Midstream (correspondence mainly with Shlomo Katz)
  • Miller, David
  • Millman, Nathan
  • Mizrachi Organization of America
  • Montreal Yiddish Committee
  • Morais Sabato (centennial)
  • Morgenstern, Joseph


94. Letters ???N??? ???O??? (Nachman-Outlook)




N.Y. Public Library

Nachshon, Israel

Nachson, Israel

Nadel, Z.

Nash, S.

Nathanson, M.

National Council of Scientific, Professional, Art and White Collar Organizations

National Council of Young Isreal

National Jewish Council

National Women???s League of the United Synagogue of America

Nehlig, R.

Nelson, L

Nestelbaum, C.

Nestelbaum, D.

Nettis, Morris A.

Neuaman, Yitshak

Neudow, Lazar

Neuman, Israel Y.

Neuman, Jaacob

Neuman, M.

Neuman, Richard

New Masses

New School for Social Research

New York Association for New Americans, Inc.

New York Board of Rabbis

New York Times

New Zealand Herald


Nirenberg, Moshe

Nisnevich, Avraham

Nissenson, A.


Notelevitz, B.

Novice, Simon

Nuclear Policy

Nuevo Colegio Israelita

Nut, Juliet


  • Naaman, Chaim
  • Nachman, Wolf
  • National Ambijan Dinner (1949)
  • National Committee for Labor Israel
  • National Council of American-Soviet Friendship
  • National Federation of Hebrew Teachers and Principals
  • National Jewish Hospital of Denver
  • National Jewish Welfare Board
  • Neturei Karta
  • Neumann, Emanuel
  • Newman, Frank
  • Newman, Wolf
  • New Currents
  • New York Council for Sane Nuclear Policy
  • New York University
  • Nirenstein, A.
  • Nocks, M.
  • North American Newspaper Alliance
  • Nozik, Yosef


Miscellaneous ???O???


  • Outlook

95. Letter ???P??? (Pacific-Q, Miscellaneous)

Di Presse

P???eylei Hamachane Hatorati

Pack, William

Palasky, Bertha

Panitch, Avigdor

Pansel, M.

Panush, A.


Paravitz, A>

Pariser Zeitschrift

Parisian Jewish Club

Parker, Ralph

Parsch, Meir

Partowitz, J.

Patzkin, B.

Paz, Helena

Pearlman, R.

Penstor, R

People???s Victory Forum

Perach, Harry K.

Pereg, Alexander

Peretz, I.L.

Perez Z.

Perlis, P.

Perlman, O.

Perlov, Feibel

Peuzner, M.

Pfeifermacher, Moses

Phalan, P.H.

Philips, S.R.

Pilovsky, Jacobo

Pincus, A.

Pines, Z.

Pinski, D.

Pinsky, Raphael

Pioneer Women

Platin, Chaim, Y.

Platkin, Chaim

Plumka, H.


Pollack, Morris

Pomerantz, F.

Pomerantz, Hyman

Pomerantz, Isaac

Portnoy, Cemaj

Potash, Carl

Poupko, B.

Pozner, Malka

Prager, Moshe

Prager, Moshe (*)

Primer, F.

Progressive Associates

Pros, Chaim

Prusslin, Joseph

Prysusker, Wolf


  • Pacific Jewish Press (David Resnick)
  • Palmer, Harry
  • Pan American Jewish Committee
  • Parilman (Perlman?), A.
  • Paull, Joe
  • Peace Institute of Greater New York
  • Persky, Daniel
  • Piltz, Jacob
  • Picon, M. (American Jewish Congress)
  • Pioneer Women ??? Women???s Labor Zionist Organization of America
  • Pitt, Rubin
  • Plant, Samuel
  • Poale Agudath Israel of America
  • Pogorelsky, Mordecai
  • ???Presse Nouvelle???
  • Progressive Israel


96. Letter ???R??? (Rabbinical-Russakoff)



Rabino, Saul

Rabinowitch, Nachum L.

Rabinowitch, S.


Rabinowitz, Ezekiel

Rabinowitz, Jaacob

Rabinowitz, Jaacob

Rabinowitz, Leo

Rabinowitz, M.

Rabinowitz, S.

Rabinowitz, Sh.

Rabinowitz, Y.

Rabins, Joan

Rachanes, Louis

Rackman, Emanuel

Radinow, J. (*)

Radio Station WEVD


Rain, J

Rakowsky, J.

Rand, Oscar

Rankonavitz, Jacob

Rappaport, A.

Rappaport, David

Rappaport, Meyer


Raskin, Saul

Ratuna, A.

Rauch, Basil

Ravid, J.M

Ravkin, M.B.

Razin, Joseph

Razin, Samuel

Razolin, Sh.

Reform Synagogues of Great Britain

Reichamn, Emannuel

Reichenson, A. (*)

Reik, Theodor

Reizer, S.

Reiziss, Asher

Resnik, Reuven

Retty, Leon

Rice, Stephan

Rich, Isidore

Richards, Bernard (*)

Richman, M.

Richt, Charles

Rickman, S


Ring, Chaskel

Risat, Sarah

Rivkin, Abba

Roberts, Jermin

Robinson, Jacob

Rose, Jacob

Rosebard, Israel


Rosen, S.L.

Rosenbaum, Henry (*)

Rosenbaum, Henry (*)


Rosenberg, Harry (*)

Rosenberg, Julius

Rosenberg, S.

Rosenberg, Shlomo

Rosenblatt, B.

Rosenblum, Henry (*)

Rosenblum-Melnik, Devorah

Rosenbluth, Martin

Rosenbluth, Noach

Rosenbluth, Rebecca

Rosenfeld, Julius

Rosenfeld, S.

Rosenkrantz, A.B.

Rosenstein, Louis

Rosenthal, A.

Rosenthal, N.

Rosenwald, Gershon

Rossof, A.

Rotenstein, Eliezer

Rothbaum, Jacob

Rothberg, Bernard

Rothenberg, Mordecai

Rottenberg, A.

Rottman, Philip

Roujansky, A.R.

Rubalsky, M.

Rubens, Clara

Rubenstein, N.

Rubin, Isaac

Rubin, J.

Rubin, Jacob A.

Rubin, L

Rubin, M.

Rubin, M.

Rubin, N.

Rubin, Philip

Rubin, Philip

Rubin, S.J.

Rubinstein, Jacob

Rubinstein, Nachman

Rubinstein, Simcha

Rudnikoff, Benjamin

Ryback, Isidore

Ryback, Martin

Rymer, I.

Rymer, Isaac



  • Rabbinical Assembly
  • Rabbinical Council of America
  • Rabinowitz, Morris
  • Raddock, Charles
  • Raskin, Saul
  • Ravel, Nachum
  • Reiner, Gabriel
  • (Presidium of Central Committee of European) Refugee Rabbis Nazi Victims
  • Research Institute of Soviet Jewry
  • R & F Features
  • Radinow, Yona
  • Rodinov, Jim
  • Rose, A.D.
  • Rosemarin, Aaron
  • Rosenberg, J.W.
  • Rothbort, Samuel
  • Russakoff, Sam


97. Letter ???S??? (Sadovski-Shocat)

Sabanfeld, Morris

Sabloff, M

Sack, C.N.

Sackler, H.

Sagino, P.

Salit, J.

Salsberg, J.B.

Saltzman, S.

Salzman, Richard R.

Samnatiski, M.

Sandler, Philip

Sardatsky, Y. (*)

Sarditsky (*)

Sardusky, Y.

Sartre, Jean Paul (on him)

Sasson, A.

Schatz, Julius

Schaver, Emma

Schaver, Morris L.

Schiffer, R.L

Schmuller, Aaron

School of Jewish Studies

Schryler, A.

Schuck, Jeno

Schultz, Myer

Schuster, Bernard

Schwartz, J.

Schwartz, Joseph

Schwartz, N.

Schwartz, P.

Schwartz, V.

Schwartz, Z.

Schwartz, Z.

Schwartzman, Meyer

Segal, S.

Seidman, B.

Selig, Harris L.

Selinger, A.

Senda (la)

Senderow, David Zvi

Sendyk, Jacob

Seroka, Nathan

Setzer, S.H.

Sezper, J.

Shachman, Zvi

Shachner, Y.

Shachter, Leon

Shactman, A.

Shafel, J.

Shaffir, N.M.

Shali, Reise

Shalvi, Moshe

Shan, Isaac


Shapiro, Chaim

Shapiro, E.

Shapiro, I.

Shapiro, S.

Sharapan, Meyer

Shari, David

Shcimonovitsh, Mordecai

Shcocken Books

Shechter, Yaacov

Sheikurt, Joseph

Shein, Hadassah

Shein, S.

Sheingold, L.

Shereniec, Leon

Sheridan, S.A.

Sherman, Isaac

Sherry, David

Shineberg, Morris

Shiner, S.

Shneider, A.

Shore, M.

Shore, Sam

Shrub, B.H.

Shrub, Benjamin



Shulweiss, Moshe

Shumashovitch, J.


Sickerman, Jacob

Sidransky, A.

Siegel, Seymore

Siegel, Seymour

Siemiatyeki, M.

Silber, Morris

Silberberg-Cholewa, I.

Silbert, N.

Silbert, Sol


Silver, Samuel

Simon, Samuel


Sinai Publishing

Siporin, H.

Sklovsky, Leon

Skornik H.


Slotnik, L

Slovadnik, Zelig

Smacker, T.M

Smith, Eva

Smoler, Borris

Sobel, A.

Sobel, P

Sofer, J.

Sokol, J. (*)

Sokol, Jacob

Sokolovsky, Eliahu

Soll, Nathan

Solomon, H.V.

Solomon, Y.

Solov, Annie

Soltes, Mordecai (*)

Sonestein, Emil

Sosnovitch, P.

Soveitch Heimland

Spanish Refugee Appeal of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee

Spector, Gerald

Spector, Joseph

Spector, Louis

Spector, S.


Spiegel, Samuel

Spigelman, A.S.

Spitz, A.L

Spivak, Philip

Spodik, Dave

Srutzendler, Joseph

Staroletni, M.

Statland, Isaac

Stein, M.

Stein, M.

Stein, Sol

Steinberg, A.

Steinberg, A.

Steinberg, Eugene

Steinberg, I.N.

Steinberg, Joseph

Steinberg, M.


Steinborn, Y.

Steinglass, Meyer

Steinmark, Minnie

Stern, Israel

Stern, J.

Stern, M.

Stern, M.

Stern, Milton

Stevenson, A. (copy of letter of BZG to him)

Stif, N.

Stolman, Isaac

Storm, N.

Strauss, A.H.

Strauss, Akiba

Strauss, Max

Student Zionist Organization

Suskin, Benjamin

Sussman, Fred

Sverd, Lion

Szabo, Julius

Szhitlovski, Moshe Israel

Szimonowitz, M

Szpetman, S.

Sztokfisz, D.

Szusztein, M.

Szydlowski, Szlomo


  • Sadovski, Aaron
  • Sadan, Dov
  • Salit, Eliezer
  • Saradeski, Yente
  • Schachter, Isidor
  • Schenker, A.
  • Schwartz, M.
  • Schneer, Maximilian ???Behind the Crimes in France??? (1941)
  • Schneersohn, F.
  • Sefansky, Marcus
  • Segal, L.
  • Segal, P.
  • Selchen, N.
  • Sezebro, H.
  • Shapiro, Chaim
  • Shatskes, Ida
  • Shazar, Zalman
  • Shelubsky, M.
  • Sherchevsky, S.
  • Shmerok, Ch.
  • Shochat, Rivka


98. Letter ???S??? (Shneor-Szulstein)


  • Shneor, Z.
  • Shuchatowitz, Aaron
  • Shuel, Harry
  • Shulsinger Brothers
  • Sifriat Hapoalim
  • Simon, Solomon
  • Spector, .C.
  • Singer, P.H.
  • Sivak, Mordecai
  • Sklarin, Abraham
  • Skobodnick, Z.
  • Sobell, Morton
  • Socachevsky
  • Socolow, Baruch
  • Speigel, Moshe
  • Spigelman, S.
  • ???The Star Weeklyl???
  • Steinbaum, Y.
  • Stern, Menachem
  • Stern, Shalom
  • Stolnitz, N.
  • Sukenik, A.L.
  • The Sunday Review
  • Sussman, J.B.
  • Szulstein, M.


99. Letters ???T??? (Tomashevski-Tucker)


Miscellaneous (not detailed)


  • Tomasheski, J.
  • Taback, T.
  • Taub, Yehezkiel
  • Tchernowitz, Ch.
  • Thaler, Chaim
  • Thirlwall, J.C.
  • Tolmach, Regina E.
  • Tsevat, Miriam
  • Tucker, Y.L.


100. Letter ???U??? (Udeleff-United), Letter ???V??? (Val-Victor)


Miscellaneous ???U??? (not detailed)


  • Udeleff, Solomon
  • Union of American Hebrew Congregations
  • Unger, Menashe
  • United Synagogue of America
  • United Nations


Miscellaneous ???V??? (not detailed)


  • Val, Harry
  • Venezuela Jews (translation of archival material)
  • Venezuela, material on
  • Venezuela, Shapiro (accusations against rabbi Shapiro, see also under Zighelboim)
  • Victor, Herald


101. Letter ???W??? (Wachtfogel-World)




Wakesberg, S.

Weinfish, Moshe

Weiner, S.

Weinreb, William

Wesberg, M.

Weiss, Aaron,

Wershon, Samuel

Weinstein, Bernard

Warehouse Workers Union

Wass, E.

Winkler, P.

Weiss, E.

Warshaw, A.

Weingarten, P.

Weisman, C.

Waksman, Selma

West, Benjamin

Wakesberg, Ha.

Weiner, Herbert


World News Service

Weiner, R.


World Federation of Bessarabian Jews

Wind, Isaac


Weiner, Lazar Sarah

Wolfson, Muriel

Weiss, Wolf

Wengrad, Sol

Walpin, E.

Wallach, Sidney

Weinberg, M.

White, Janet

Weisman, M.

World Federation of Hungarian Jews

Waelfovich, Rafael

Weiman, E.

Wise, O.Z.

Wolf, I.

Weltman, Meyer

Weiss, E.

Wolf, Morris

Wapher, Y.M

Weisleder, W.

Weinberger, Bernard

Wendorf, L.

Walpha, Chaim


Weiss, I.I.

World Publishing Company

Willing, L.

Winik, Shmaria

Wasserman, Rose

Walinsky, A.


Walter E.

Walver, R.

Weingarten, Anna

Wigshel, P.

Wise, J.L

Wineland, Abraham

Wiseman, M

Werlinsky, C.

Wendroff, David

Weiss, Shifra

Weiss, Sheindel


  • Wachtfogel, B.
  • Waddell, Richie
  • Wagner, Robert F.
  • Wallace ??? National Wallace for President Committee
  • Wallace, Irving
  • Weichart, Michael
  • Weisberg, N
  • Weiner, S.
  • Weisman, Moshe
  • Werber, A.
  • Wolfson, Martin
  • Workers Circle
  • Who???s Who in World Jewry
  • Winer B. (Letter to Nikita Serghryewitch)
  • World Jewish Congress



102. Letter ???Y??? (Yaari-Yungstor)




Yaffe, Ephraim

Yaffe, Micael

Yaffe, Saumuel

Yalowitz, Nat

Yeshiva Kamenitzer

Yeshiva of Flatbush

Yiddish Writers Union

Yiddisher Cultur Gizelshaft Toronto

Yochai, Chaim

Yoely, Nissan

Young Friends of Zion

Young Israel of Sunnyside

Young Jewish Americans Yeshiva Breslow

Young Men and Young Women???s Hebrew Association of the Bronx

Young, H.

Yudkoff, J

Yvzvk, A


  • Yaari, Meir
  • Yad Vashem
  • Yardeni, M.
  • Yaslowitz, Louis
  • Yeshiva University
  • Yiddish (Journal)
  • YKUF ??? Yiddisher Kultur Farband (see above)
  • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
  • Yochanan, Chaim
  • Yolles, Ephraim
  • Yosefi (Brunfeld), Dov
  • ???The Young Musician???
  • Yudell, A.
  • Yungstor, Sarah


103. Letter ???Z??? (Zachary-Zionist)




Zalman, V.

Zuskind, B.

Zuckerman, Isaac

Zylercweig, Z.

Zetlin, B.


Zackai, Nahum

Zak, Chaim

Zingman, B.

Zaso, Leo

Zohari, D.

Zara, Louis


Zeldin, A.

Zeidman, Aaron

Zilber, David

Zucker, Michael

Zucker, Max

Zlobin, George

Zuiban, A.

Zilber, S.

Zeldin, M.E.

Zashlavsky, P.

Zeif, J.

Zalzber, A.

Zunshein, Mordecai

Zashinski, L


Zelig, I.

Zwischo-Escuelas Sholem Aleichem

Zuckerkandel, Leon (*)

Zuckerman, S.Z.

Zynstein, S.

Z. Nora

Zuk, Abraham

Zimmer, Chaim

Zola, A.

Zviling, Chaim

Zylbercweig, Zalman

Zuckerman, W.

Zicherman, Y.

Zvi, A.

Zilberman, Zalman

Zass, L

Zacks, Simon

Zeslin, B


Zalzman, Yaacov

Zvilich, Herman

Zalwin, Moshe

Zareiken, David

Zion Orphanage

Zack, Sheftel


  • Zachary, Israel
  • Zeidman, Hillel
  • Zeitlin, Briena
  • Zeldes, Nachum
  • Zicherman, Isaac
  • Ziedes, L
  • Zhitlowsky, Chaim (clippings on and published articles of Zhitlowsky)
  • Zighelboim, Velvel
  • Zilber, Menashe
  • Zilberstein, Joseph
  • Zrubavel (Archive and Musuem of the Jewish Labour Movement)
  • Zuckerman, William
  • Zuskin, Leon
  • Zionist Organization of America