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Slavery, Abolition and Social Change, 1490-2007

Posted on by Nick Okrent

This database assembles many substantial clusters of material offering in-depth case studies in America, the Caribbean, Brazil and Cuba along with important material examining European, Islamic and African involvement in the slave trade.  The range of material is vast and serves as a complement to the U.S.- and English-focused Slavery and Anti-Slavery database.  It can also be searched with complementary material (Gilder Lehrman collection, Colonial Office records, etc.) through the Adam Mathew Explorer platform.

Central themes in this database include:

  • African Coast (records of the Royal African Company, details of coastal forts, records of transactions, maps, first hand descriptions of the slave trade).
  • Resistance and Revolts (Insurrections in Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil and American colonies are covered)
  • Abolition movements (including the records of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society)
  • Education and desegregation (including the records of Berea College)
  • Court records related to slavery from North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri.
  • Slavery today (Anti-Slavery International and submissions to the U.N Committee on Human Rights)

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