The Rosenbach Lectures, 1931-2006

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Rosenbach Lectures as of 2007 are available through
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Date Name Topic
2006 Peter Stallybrass Printing-for-Manuscript
2005 Robert Darnton The Devil in the Holy Water
2003 Anthony Grafton Books and the Magus: Johannes Trithemius 1462-1516
2002 Nicolas Barker Things Not Reveal 'd: The Mutual Impact of Idea and Form in the Transmission of Poetry, 1500-2002
2000 (October) Malachi Beit-Arie Unveiled Faces of Medieval Hebrew Books: The Evolution of Manuscript Production
1999 Brian Stock Minds, Bodies, Readers
1996 Janice Radway Books, Reading and the Struggle for Control of Literary Culture in the Age of Mass Production
1995 (October) Ivan Illich & Ludolf Kuchenbuch The History of Text: Three Dialogues
1994 Roger Chartier Forms and Meanings: Texts, Performances, and Audiences from Codex to Computer
1993 James Green Book Publishing in Early America
1992 Wolfgang Milde The Gospel of Henry the Lion
1991 Fred Schreiber The French-Scholar Printer of the Renaissance
1990 Anthony Hobson The Bibliomania: English Book Collecting in the Early Nineteenth Century
1989 Nicholas Pickwoad The Uses of Bookbinding History
1988 John Bidwell Papermaking in the Delaware Valley at the end of the 18th & beginning of the 19th century.
1987 G. Thomas Tanselle Tortured Stem and Tranquil Blossom: A Rationale of Textual Criticism
1986 Terry Belanger The History of American Rare Book Libraries from 1876 to present
1985 Ruth Mortimer L 'Art de Bien Batir: French 16th Century Architecture Books
1983 James L. W. West III The Profession of Authorship in America 1900-1950
1981 Richard Wolfe The Art of Marbling Paper & its relationship to Bookbinding in the West.
1978 C. William Miller From Holy Experiment to Revolution
1975 Richard H. Rouse The Development of Aids to Study in the 13th Century
1974 Bernhard Fabian Literacy & the Reading Public in the 18th century
  Roy McKeen Wiles  
  Robert Darnton  
1973 (November) I. Bernard Cohen Words, Images & Ideas
1971 Eric Gardner Turner Towards a Typology of the Early Codex
1971 (November) Donald Pizer Dreiser 's Fiction: The Editorial Problem
  Robert H. Elias Dreiser: Bibliography and the Biographer
1970 Claude Albritton, Jr. Toward the Discovery of Time: Landmarks in Historical Geology
1969 John Lievsay The Englishman 's Italian Books
1968 Cass Canfield The Publishing Experience
1966 Louis B. Wright Living Libraries
1965 A. Hyatt Mayor Prints & People
1963 Edwin Wolf 2nd Books and Bookmen of Colonial Philadelphia
1962 Stanley Pargellis Americana Collectors in Europe and England, 1600-1800
1961 Archer Taylor Subject Indexes
1960 John Cook Wyllie Typefaces used in Books
1959 Curt F. Buhler The 15th Century Book
1958 William Charvat Literary Publishing in America 1790-1850
1956 John H. Powell The USA 1774-1816: A Bibliographcal Study
1955 Dorothy Miner The Medieval Illustrated Book
1954 Fredson Bowers On Editing Shakespeare & the Elizabethan Dramatists
1953 George Sarton The Appreciation of Ancient and Medieval Science in the Renaissance
1951 Lewis Hanke Bartolomi de Las Casas
1950 John F. Fulton Great Medical Bibliographies: A study in Humanism
1949 Dard Hunter Oriental Papermaking, Early American Papermaking
1948 Clarence S. Brigham Journals & Journeymen: Studies in Early American Newspapers
1947 Curt F. Buhler Incunabula
  James G. McManaway Early English Literature
  Lawrence C. Wroth Early Americana
1945 R. W. G. Vail Voice of the Old Frontier
1940 George Parker Winship John Gutenberg, 15th Century Printing, The Bay Psalm Book
1938 Randolph G. Adams Three Americanists
1936 A. Edward Newton Bibliography & Pseudo-Bibliography
1934 Shane Leslie Swift, Irish Books
1932 Lawrence C. Wroth An American Bookshelf in 1755
1931 Christopher Morley Ex Libris Carissimis